How-to: Proper Indoor Car Storage

You finally bought your dream car. It’s new, shiny and perfect. You definitely want to keep it looking that way as long as you can. Which of course means you will have to be selective when you’re driving your dream car. It might not necessarily be suited for certain seasons or weather. This also means you will have to store the car properly when not in use, but you’re not entirely sure how to store a car indoors. Thankfully, we’ve included some helpful tips & tricks, so keep reading to learn more about storing your car indoors.

Deep Clean the Exterior of Your Car


Thoroughly washing the exterior of your vehicle is the first step in proper car storage.

Make sure to thoroughly wash the vehicle’s exterior and underside, taking care to remove any accumulated dirt from the wheel wells and fenders. Left alone, this buildup could potentially lead to rust or corrosion. Once cleaned, don’t forget to wax your car as well for an added layer of protection. The WeatherTech TechCare Exterior Wash & Wax Kit includes everything needed to properly clean and prepare your car’s exterior for safe indoor storage.

Prepare the Interior

Vacuum your seats, floor mats, vehicle footwells and any other part of your vehicle you think may need it. Any remaining food or beverage scraps can attract small animals, so make sure these are properly cleaned from the vehicle before storing indoors.


Clean your car’s dash and other hard surfaces to prevent dust buildup or staining from dirt or residue. The TechCare Interior Detailing Kit contains a complete line of interior cleaning products designed to protect and sustain your vehicle’s interior. It’s perfect to help prepare for storing the vehicle.
Remove any valuables from the interior and double check that the insurance, registration and other paperwork are secured in the glove compartment.

Fresh Oil and Battery Maintenance

Fresh oil and a clean filter are a must. Contaminants in used oil, left to sit during lengthy storage periods, may cause damage to your car’s engine. If you’re unable or uncomfortable putting a fresh filter and oil into your car, simply take the car to get an oil change as close to storing it as possible.
If you’re planning on storing the car indoors for more than one month, remove the battery from the vehicle (only if you feel safe doing so) and connect the battery to a "smart" battery charger or battery maintainer. These will keep the battery in peak condition without overcharging it. The WeatherTech Battery Charger is perfect for this situation. It will maintain and preserve your vehicle’s battery without overcharging or damaging it. Keeping your battery charged will help get you back into the driver’s seat faster once you’re ready to take the car out of storage!
Finally, don’t forget to fill your vehicle up with a fresh tank of premium gas. Make sure it’s filled completely, as a full tank will prevent moisture buildup on the inside of the tank. If you’re planning on storing the car indoors for a few months, look at adding a fuel stabilizer to the fuel. A fuel stabilizer will help keep the fuel from separating and keep it fresh for a longer period of time.

Window & Wheel Prep

You might not think about it, but after sitting for an extended period of time, the windshield wipers on your car can actually stick to the glass, leaving behind stains and damaging the wipers themselves. In order to avoid having to replace them, make sure to remove the wipers and store them in a temperate place. That way they’ll remain pliable and in good condition!
Topping off your tires is a good way to avoid flat spots when placing the car into storage. Make sure to check your car’s manual for the proper pressures for your tires. You may consider over-inflating your tires slightly in order to help combat flat spots if the car will be stored in a colder temperature, or if storing indoors for a longer period of time.

Finishing Touches Before Storing:

You’re almost done; just a few more things to take care of before tossing your cover onto your dream car. So before you put your car away for the season, don’t forget:
  • Lock the doors and make sure all windows are closed.
  • Lower or remove the antenna (if necessary).
  • If the car is a convertible, make sure the roof is up.
  • Put the car in park, but do not engage the parking brake.
Now you’re ready to toss on the car cover and hang up the keys, so to speak. Having the right car cover can make all the difference in the world. It’s important to have a breathable fabric that will prevent moisture and humidity buildup in your car. A proper fitting cover will protect against surface damage and help defend against pests. It is an important part of indoor car storage. The Form-Fit Car Cover by WeatherTech is custom measured to fit your dream car perfectly and guaranteed to keep it safe and secure during the months you have the vehicle in storage.

Having a solid, reliable, and high-quality car cover is important when storing your car indoors for extended periods.

Once the cover’s on and secure, your job is done. You are now ready to store your car indoors. You can rest easy knowing that your prized possession is clean, secure and prepared to rest for a season without having to worry about being ready for the next time you climb into the driver’s seat.