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Hand Sanitizer HolderThe CupFone accessory that offers safe and easy access to your hand sanitizer.

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These days, you can’t leave the house without your phone, car keys and hand sanitizer, so we created the Hand Sanitizer Holder to offer CupFone and CupFone Two View users a convenient way to safely access their hand sanitizer when on the road. Never search for your hand sanitizer in the car again! Custom-designed to securely hold one bottle of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel 2 fl. oz. Portable Pump (two bottles included with purchase), the easy-to-install Hand Sanitizer Holder is the ideal add-on to your existing CupFone and CupFone Two View. Read More Product Information

Part Number: 8ACFSH
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Product Information

Hand Sanitizer Holder

Always know where your phone and your hand sanitizer are in your vehicle with Hand Sanitizer Holder. It was designed specifically for existing CupFone and CupFone Two View users that want convenient access to hand sanitizer when they’re at the gas station, picking up groceries, road tripping or any time they’re out and about. Two bottles are included. PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel 2 fl. oz. Portable Pump Bottles is the most convenient way to kill 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness, without damaging skin,1 while you’re on the go.

The Hand Sanitizer Holder uses the existing hardware of your CupFone or CupFone Two View, and mounts with no tools so installation is easy. Made in America from the same material as CupFone, the unique design allows for the Sanitizer Holder to remain level when your CupFone or CupFone Two View is tilted back for viewing, and it won’t impede its use in any way.

1. BioScience Laboratories, Inc., Bozeman, MT, USA; 091106-201 & 170116-201, 19 October 2010 & 24 March 2017.

Domestic and international Utility Patents Pending. See

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