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CupFone Storage BagSafely store your CupFone on the go.

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Keep your CupFone safe and secure while on the move! The CupFone Storage Bag is made from strong nylon and keeps everything you need to switch or swap your CupFone’s size and accessories in one place. Read More Product Information

Part Number: 84CF21SB
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Product Information

CupFone Storage Bag

The CupFone Storage Bag is a must-have for anyone that takes their CupFone with them when traveling, when switching vehicles, or even when hopping on a boat or hitting the golf course. The storage bag offers one convenient location to store all your unused base cups, the cup separator tool, any accessories and more! Have everything you need to change the fit of your CupFone in one easy-to-remember location. Made from strong 200 denier black nylon, the storage bag has twin pull strings that allow you to close it quickly and keep everything inside secure.

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