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Colored Billet KnobsCustomize your CupFone, DeskFone or Rotating MirrorFone in style

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Make a statement with these one-of-a-kind billet knobs. Made in America from solid billet aluminum and available in a wide variety of colors, these knobs fit perfectly with any CupFone, DeskFone, or Rotating MirrorFone. Read More Product Information

Part Number: 8ACFBK5
Please Note:

2 Billet Knobs used for:
- CupFone
- CupFone with Hand Sanitizer
- CupFone XL
- CupFone XL with Hand Sanitizer
- DeskFone
- DeskFone XL

Colored Billet Knobs availability status:

Step 1 - Select your color

Step 2 - Select your billet knob amount
How to measure

Step 3 - Select your Quantity


Product Information

Colored Billet Knobs

Looking to add some verve to your vehicle? Searching for that custom color to match your interior? Easily personalize your CupFone with WeatherTech’s Colored Billet Knobs! With as many colors as a rainbow, from Rose Gold to Royal Blue, we’ve got the hue for you. These vivid billet knobs bling out your CupFone and make an ideal accessory for that fun friend or lively loved one. Plus, they work perfectly with DeskFone and Rotating MirrorFone!

These solid billet aluminum knobs also make amazing gifts for the mechanical device aficionado who appreciates the beauty, quality and durability of American-made craftsmanship. Collect them all and swap colors to match your mood. They’re not a need, but they are most definitely a want!

**Please note that all Billet Aluminum Knobs will come pre-installed if purchased with a CupFone, DeskFone or Rotating MirrorFone.

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