Road Tripping? Here's how to maximize your vehicle's storage space

 Cat with a Rack Sack driving in a forrest          
It’s finally the weekend, and you’re ready to head out on the road trip you’ve been planning for weeks. You start loading your vehicle with everything you’ll need for the trip, and then it hits you. There’s no way everything is going to fit. Rather than scrapping some of the supplies you planned on bringing along, we have some tips on how weekend warriors can maximize their vehicle's storage space.
Cat with a Rack Sack driving in a forrest
Step Up Your Rooftop Game 
Your vehicle's trunk and cargo area is ideal for storage, but what do you do when these areas are at capacity? There are a variety of ways outdoorsman, weekend travelers and vacationers utilize the top of their vehicles for storage. The WeatherTech RackSack is a great way to free up space in your vehicle. It’s simple to install, water resistant and costs much less than hard cover travel pods. The RackSack is perfect for storing items like luggage, camping supplies and sports equipment.
Loading and unloading items from the roof of any vehicle can be a challenging. For travelers with larger vehicles like vans and sport utility vehicles, the WeatherTech BumpStep can be a traveler’s best friend. While the BumpStep is known to be the most advanced concept in bumper protection on the market, it can be a lifesaver when securing your RackSack, kayaks, bicycles and other adventure gear to the roof of your vehicle.   
Cat with a Rack Sack driving in a forrest
Maximize Your Cargo Area
Loading up and installing the RackSack on the roof your vehicle will surely free up space in your cargo area. Many campers, climbers and weekend adventurers use the WeatherTech CargoLiner and CargoTech system together to keep this area with their supplies secure and their vehicle protected. 
Cat with a Rack Sack driving in a forrest
Under the Seat 
The WeatherTech Underseat Storage System can be the perfect solution for truck owners who do not have roofs large enough to attach a RackSack and no shielded cargo areas. WeatherTech Under Seat Storage System is perfect for storing items like tools, hunting and fishing supplies, and safety items like road flares, jumper cables and first aid kits.