TechCare Heavy Duty Wheel CleanerHeavy-Duty Wheel Cleaner for Extreme Dirt and Grime

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WeatherTech TechCare Heavy Duty Spray-on Wheel Cleaner safely and effectively cleans all wheel and rim types by removing extreme road grime, brake dust and rotor dust. The thick heavy-duty formula applies as a white foam gel and transforms to a deep purple color as it safely cleans the wheels. Made and packaged in the USA. Read More Product Information

Made in USA
Lifetime Limited Warranty
Part Number: 8LTC53K
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Product Information

TechCare Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner

Advanced non-acid, heavy duty formula designed for the worst cases of brake dust!  Removes damaging brake and rotor dust from all wheel and rim types, including powder coated wheels. Thick heavy duty formula sprays on as a white foam/gel and sticks to the wheel or rim as it goes to work turning to a deep purple/red color as it cleans. This color indicates that the cleaner is binding to and safely removing the dust without harming the wheel finish.

TechCare Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner Offers:

  • Non-acid formula for virtually all wheel types
  • Cleans EXTREME brake dust and grime buildup
  • Changes to a red/purple color when working
  • Size: 18oz
  • Made and packaged in the U.S.A.

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