TechCare Exterior Wash & Wax KitCleaning/Waxing Essentials for Full Vehicle Detailing

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TechCare Exterior Wash and Wax Kit features exterior automotive cleaning products specifically designed to clean, protect, and sustain your car's exterior including tires and wheels. The kit also includes the ultimate water absorbent, Soaker, as well as the softest and most durable cleaning cloths, towels and applicators preferred by car care enthusiasts. SAVE $20.90 when you buy this set instead of purchasing items individually! Read More Product Information

Made in USA
Lifetime Limited Warranty
Paint Finish Safe
Part Number: 8ATC16
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Product Information

TechCare Exterior Wash & Wax Kit

SAVE $20.90 when you buy this set instead of purchasing items individually!

Kit Includes:

  • 1- TechCare Gentle Car Shampoo (18oz. Bottle)
  • 1- TechCare Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner (18oz. Bottle)
  • 1- TechCare Exterior Glass Cleaner with Advanced Water Repellency (18oz. Bottle)
  • 1- TechCare Tire Gloss with Cross-Link Action (18oz. Bottle)
  • 1- TechCare Wax-Prep Clay Gel Cleaner (18oz. Bottle)
  • 1- TechCare Carnauba Gel Wax (18oz. Bottle)
  • 1- Soaker - imported
  • 1- Super White Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (Package of 4) - imported
  • 1- Microfiber Finishing Cloth & Quick Detailer (Package of 2) - imported
  • 1- Microfiber Waffle Weave Drying Towel - imported
  • 1- TechCare Microfiber Applicator Pad (Package of 2) - imported
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