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Car Seat Protectors - A Helpful Guide for Parents and Pet Owners

Have you recently gotten a good look at your back seat after helping your kids or dog get into your car? Were you astonished by how they could make such a mess of your back seat? Look closely and you may see scuff marks from shoes or notable paw prints on the seat. Crumbs, dirt and dog fur may be lurking in every crack and crevice of your seats. Small stains from accidental spills may plague the fabric that once looked like new. The list goes on – kids and pets can be messy! You can clean your car seats with this simple how-to. And learn how to prevent the mess in the future!

A kid makes a mess in the back seat of a car by spilling his drink all over.

How to clean car seats

Here are the essentials you will need to clean your car seats:

Check out this How To for an in-depth look at cleaning your car seats: How to Clean Car Seats

Helpful tip: If you have infants or toddlers, the car seat or booster seat they ride in can be an additional mess to deal with. We recommend looking up your specific model online to follow the manufacturer’s steps and recommendations for safely dismantling and cleaning their car seat.

How to protect car seats

Now that your car seats are clean, you may be hesitant to let your kids and family dog back into your car. Protective products are available so that you don’t have to deep clean the back seat of your car multiple times a year.


Invest in a WeatherTech Seat Protector. It is machine washable and liquid repellant. It can catch the spills and crumbs, and you just have to shake it off and toss it into the washing machine to clean it. After it is clean, you just put the Seat Protector back in your car for the next round of messes. A Seat Protector works great for kids and pets that ride in your back seat. We have both bench and bucket seat options.

If you have young kids that like to kick the back of your seat while you drive, pair the Seat Protector with a matching Seat Back Protector for ultimate back seat protection. This kick mat also has storage pockets to keep your car organized. Whether you want to keep your kids’ items off the seats and floor or want other handy items within reach, the Seat Back Protector is a convenient accessory.

Now that your car seats are protected AND clean, you can feel at ease when traveling as a family!

The WeatherTech Seat Back Protector protects the back of your seat in your car from young kids that kick your car seat.