How to Clean Your Car’s Seats

April is car care month, and it’s the perfect time to think about cleaning your car’s seats! Whether the stains on your seats are from kids, pets or your own spilled coffee, we’re here to tell you how to get the dirt out and get them looking like new again. Having leather or cloth seats will determine what steps you take to get rid of dirt and stains, as well as the products that you’ll want to use. Luckily, WeatherTech has you covered for both! Just follow the directions below that apply to your upholstery type for best results.
How to clean your seats weathertech blog.
Before starting the cleaning process you’ll want to make sure that you thoroughly vacuum your seats, no matter what material they are. Starting with a surface free of loose dirt and crumbs makes getting rid of stains a lot easier and ensures that you don’t grind any more dirt into the seats while scrubbing. Make sure to pay extra attention to the crevices, such as around the seatbelt, in between the backrest and seat, and around any stitching. Dust and crumbs love to hide! 

For cloth car seats, follow the below steps: 

1. For the best spot and upholstery cleaner that doesn’t leave water rings on your seats, our TechCare® Carpet Cleaner with SpotTech™ is your best bet. Our formula is already pre-mixed and designed for all upholstered surfaces in your vehicle.
2. When cleaning the whole car seat, spray TechCare® Carpet Cleaner with SpotTech™ over the entire surface. For spot cleaning, simply apply the spray to the spot itself. Once you have sprayed the area that you’d like to clean, scrub with a clean brush or cloth.
3. If you prefer to use a more DIY method, mix equal parts club soda and vinegar in a spray bottle. Add a small amount of dish soap to the mixture and shake well. Saturate the area of the seat that you’d like to clean, and let sit for ten minutes. Scrub the area after you’ve given the mixture time to sit.
4. Once the car seat is clean, you can remove the remaining residue from the cleanser with a damp cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, use a shop vac to get the residue out!
5. Dry seats with a towel once all of the remaining residue is out. Our Microfiber Waffle Weave Drying Towels are perfect for getting rid of any remaining moisture. It also helps to clean seats on a warm, dry day, so that seats can fully dry more quickly.
6. Do a final vacuum on the seats to get rid of any remaining crumbs or lint that may be left over.
Weathertech Leather Conditioner

For leather seats, the process is quicker: 

1. Before using products on the main area of the seat, test for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area. This will ensure that the product does not leave your seats looking splotchy.
2. Spray TechCare® Leather Conditioner with Aloe Vera directly onto the seat’s surface.
3. Wipe down the surface using a microfiber cloth, such as our TechCare® Microfiber Finishing Cloth & Quick Detailer. Make sure that you’ve wiped down the entire surface to ensure even application.
4. Let dry, and you’re all set! Our TechCare® Leather Conditioner with Aloe Vera also acts as a stain blocker and protects against UVA and UVB rays, so there’s no need for additional products. All done!
Weathertech Seat Protector
If you want to keep your seats cleaner for longer, try covering them with seat protectors. WeatherTech Seat Protectors are water repellant and scratch resistant, reducing the risk of future damage to your seat surfaces and extending time between cleanings. They’re also machine washable and dryable, and come in four colors to match most interiors!