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Tips for Protecting Leather Interior

Whether you just purchased a new ride or you are looking to spruce up your current one, vehicles with leather interior require a special level of maintenance and care. In this article, we will go over a few things that vehicle owners can do to keep their leather interior in pristine condition.

Throw Some Shade
Harmful UV rays beaming in through your vehicle's windows can wreak havoc on your leather interior. A great way to keep the sun's rays from damaging your leather interior is to install the WeatherTech SunShade. Designed specifically for your vehicle, the SunShade fits snugly to your vehicle's windows allowing little to no sunlight in. The SunShade's reflective surface deflects sunlight away protecting your seats with ease.

Woman installing Weathertech Sunshade.

Clean and Condition
Perhaps the most important thing a vehicle owner can do to keep their leather interior in great condition is to clean and condition their interior regularly. First, vacuum any dirt or debris that has accumulated. Once vacuumed, apply a leather cleaner with a microfiber pad. Use the pad or a soft bristled brush to get in all the cracks or trouble areas. After the interior has been cleaned, wipe the seats dry with a cloth or towel. The seats may still be a bit damp at first which is completely normal. After the seats have completely dried, apply a leather conditioner such as WeatherTech TechCare Leather Conditioner with aloe vera. Be sure to apply the conditioner evenly. An even application will ensure that the entire surface will be protected. After application, allow the conditioner ample time to fully absorb. Once the conditioner has been fully absorbed, wipe dry with a clean cloth. Regular cleaning and conditioning will help avoid cracking and tearing caused by unconditioned, dried out, and sun damaged seats.

Man Spraying leather conditioner on the passenger seat.

Go Undercover
Cleaning, conditioning, and keeping the sun out are great ways to protect your vehicle's interior but there may be times when you need an extra level of protection. If you have messy passengers, transport items in your backseat or have a pet that loves car rides, covering your leather upholstery with a WeatherTech Seat Protector is the best choice for optimal protection. Seat protectors put a physical barrier in between any potential hazard and your leather upholstery. Offering your interior the highest level of protection from the elements.

Golden Retriever on WeatherTech seat protector.

There you have it! Follow these tips and your leather interior will stay protected in any conditions. For other great tips on how to keep your car looking beautiful, check out Give Your Car Some TLC. To view more automotive detailing and cleaning products from WeatherTech, head over to the WeatherTech TechCare page.

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