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How to Install WeatheTech Floor Mats on Vinyl Flooring

Most vehicles today are built with carpet flooring installed along the length of the vehicle. However, there are some vehicles, such as work trucks, vans, and other commercial vehicles, that have vinyl and/or rubber flooring to make cleaning them out more of a breeze. For those who have these types of vehicles and use them for their everyday work, which gets muddy, full of paint or anything else, you’re in luck. Like carpeting, our FloorLiners are also available to protect the vinyl flooring of your vehicle, using special retention devices that stick to the floor, rather than snapping into retention posts or clips. Along with these retention devices, they are easy to install.

Dirty FloorLiner in vehicle

Before Installing Your FloorLiners on Vinyl Flooring

Before attaching the sticky adhesive retention devices to the bottom of the FloorLiners, we highly recommend performing several test runs by inserting and removing the FloorLiner, making sure the product is in the exact placement in your vehicle before marking a spot to apply the 3M adhesive grommet. Be advised, the adhesive grommet that you stick on the vinyl floor will be PERMANENT. If you try to remove the grommet, the vinyl flooring can potentially tear or rip out of your vehicle.

Installing Your FloorLiners on Vinyl Flooring

When you are satisfied with where you’d like the FloorLiners to sit, remove the FloorLiner from the vehicle and wipe down the marked area with the provided alcohol wipes to ensure the best bond possible to the vinyl floor. Let the area dry for about 5 minutes, and proceed to attach the grommets to the FloorLiner. From there, carefully lower the FloorLiner into the marked position and firmly press down on the top of it for about a minute to help secure the bond. Please note for cases where a 3M adhesive chemical stick is required: when applying it, please use sparingly if you have more than two retention hooks per FloorLiner set. The 3M adhesive can take up to 24 hours to fully bond to the vinyl.

FloorLiner for Vinyl in vehicle

Just like that, your FloorLiners are ready to use to help keep all of life’s messes contained, even on vinyl flooring! In all cases, if you are unsure how to install, please give our customer service team a call. They will be more than happy to assist you!


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