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How to Clean Tires (3 Easy Steps)

Many people clean their tires regularly in the spring, because they want to clean off the salt, dirt and mud that accumulated during the winter. Cleaning tires can be a fun activity if you want to make it so. That is mainly due to your perspective or outlook when starting beforehand. If you think positive thoughts, cleaning your tires can actually be an enjoyable experience. If you are dreading the thought of even starting to clean your tires, then you are going to have a bad time. So let’s try and think only positive thoughts about cleaning your tires, shall we? Great! Cleaning car tires is not just an aesthetic issue, it is also an important preventative maintenance step as well.

Tires are the soles of the car – not the soul, it’s not that deep. If you were to walk around in worn-out shoes all day, this would be extremely uncomfortable and possibly lead to pain or injury. This same premise applies to car tires. If you don’t care for the tire properly, the rubber can break down. This is known as dry rot. If not taken care of, your tire’s problems could result in other (more expensive) problems. Ain’t nobody got time or money for that! 

How to Clean Tires: Step-by-Step Guide

You will want to clean the tires before washing your car. By doing them first, you will eliminate grime from splashing onto the already cleaned car panels. PRO TIP: Use a separate wash bucket and brush.


STEP 1: Gathering the Supplies

heavy duty wheel cleaner bottle acid-free wheel cleaner bottle tire gloss with cross-link action bottle

Be sure to select the proper cleaning agent for the type of wheels you have or condition your tires/wheels are in. Selecting the best wheel and tire cleaner is easy – it’s got to be one of WeatherTech’s fabulous TechCare® products of course! Now selecting which of the specialized TechCare® tire cleaning formulas for your specific situation relies on a bit more information – mainly purpose and condition. If you are looking for a heavy-duty, super strong cleaner that will safely and effectively clean all wheel and rim types by removing extreme road grime, brake dust and rotor dust – then look no further than the TechCare® Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner. If you are looking for a gentler cleaner that is still tough on grime, perhaps the TechCare® Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner is more your speed. Regardless of the wear, you can’t go wrong finishing off the job with some protective shine from our exceptional TechCare® Tire Gloss with Cross-Link Action™. The tire gloss will leave your tires with a premium shine that will last several washes with the help of Cross-Link Action formula that creates a supreme bond with tire rubber to enhance its appearance through everyday wear and tear. Pick a good, sturdy brush to scrub with – stiff bristles are recommended for this job!

STEP 2: Cleaning the Tires

Use your brush to scrub the tires thoroughly with the TechCare® cleaning product you have selected in STEP 1. For the best results, always clean the tires one at a time. This keeps cleaning products from drying on. Rinse each one with a strong flow of water before continuing to the next one. PRO TIP: Use a TechCare® Super White Microfiber Cleaning Cloth to dry the tires after cleaning and rinsing them. Drying tires and wheels prevents unsightly water spots and gives you an opportunity to get rid of every little bit of brake dust.


man cleaning tires with TechCare

STEP 3: Protecting the Tires

Now that you have your wheels and tires looking their very best, you need to protect them to help retain that like-new look you’ve achieved. Our Tire Gloss with Cross-Link Action will not only protect your tires from future wear and tear but also add a shine and gleam that will have your tires glistening in the summer sun! Tires should be clean and dry before applying product. For a high gloss finish, spray over tire and allow to dry. For a matte finish, spray over tire and wipe with a clean lint-free cloth. Allow to dry.


close up of wheel being cleaned with TechCare

Now you have clean, shiny tires, and they are well protected – fantastic! Should you want to clean the rest of your car with WeatherTech TechCare products, check out our full line of auto detailing and cleaning products here.

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