CupFone Testimonials

Thank you!!!

Name: Laurie Phelps

Thank you for a phone holder that actually works and continues to work!! It’s perfect!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Absolutely the best

Name: Don Haines

I travel a lot and have always try to find a place in the car to safely set my phone. Not any more, this product keeps you phone safe,secure and available with no muss or fuss. I was leary of a "new idea" phone holder. This is the real thing. WeatherTech does it again.

Great Product

Name: Carl A. Rettenberger

If you're tired of your mobile phone flying off your dash or console buy yourself a "CupPhone". It's simple to adjust the size to match your cars cup holder and it's simple to fit and adjust your phone to the CupPhone. I use it mainly while I'm driving and using Google Map. I can easily adjust the angle to view the screen before I start driving, Well Worth the money.

Finally something that works

Name: Anonymous

After wasting money on all sorts of gizmos I finally have something that is stable and easy to install. Now I can use my phone as directions or can glance down to see who is calling without dropping the phone between the seats or on the floor or balancing it on my leg or on the dash. Thank you for a great idea that is adjustable and sensible.

CupFone in a Mini Cooper

Name: Anonymous

Anyone who loves and drives a Mini (mine's a 2 door hardtop) knows space is at a minimum. My husband bought me the CupFone after my repeated complaints about my phone charger cord not fitting well with my phone into my cup holder. This led me to let my phone slide, tethered by the cord, all over the passenger seat when I was traveling. I honestly didn't think the CupFone would work well in my Mini, and I'll admit the space is a little tight against the front toggle switches BUT a vast improvement over any other adapter/holder I have tried. Well done, Weathertech!

Love it! Love it! LOVE IT!

Name: Anonymous

I have used many different styles of car phone holders over the years (clip onto the air vent, magnets to the dash, suctions to the windshield). They have all been inconvenient or unsuccessful in one way or another. This CupPhone finally solved all my concerns. It does not block my view. Does not fall off on bumpy roads. And, is not far from reach. It is also very easy to take in and out without having to make modifications to the phone (such as attaching a magnet or other piece). Thanks WeatherTech for finally coming up with something that really works.

Dealing with Weathertech

Name: Anonymous

Back in 2005 or so my wife and I were at our first SEMA show and without a ride to the convention center. Two very gracious people offered us a ride with them. I turned out to be the owners of Weathertech. I still remember it to this day and just wanted to say thanks and let them know I have been a good customer since then.  The latest is the cup fone and I am thrilled that someone finally got it right!

This is well worth the money. Buy it!

Name: Carolyn Lorenz Bunnell

I’ve tried so many phone holders and this resizeable, sturdy, solid phone holder is the bomb! It fits my phone (iPhone7+) with the Mophie charging case. The multiple, cup-in-a-cup sizing is perfect and fits my cup holder perfectly (2016 BMW 5 series). This is well worth the money. Buy it!

Great item!

Name: Terry Frye

Bought the phone cup holder back in December and my wife thought I was crazy. Well it turns out that she uses it more than i do. Love it makes life alot easier when you phone is not falling to the floor of your car when you make a sharp turn. Going to purchase another one this week for my truck.

Love It!

Name: Anonymous

The CupFone is great. Now we can use it as a gps and charge the cell phone without the person in the passenger seat having to hold it. Plus, it fits the cup holders in both our vehicles snuggly.

Excellent Idea!

Name: Anonymous

I love the CupFone holder. I used to fumble with my phone to try to get it to stand up straight when I am driving. I no longer have that problem. This is a wonderful adjustable device.

Love the CupFone

Name: Patrick J. Saccoia Jr.

I’ve tried lots of cell phone holders for my car and the Weather Tech CupFone holder is the best. It was easy to customize to the right size for my car. It holds my iPhone at the perfect height. It doesn’t block any of my controls. There’s easy access to the charging port. And I don’t have to stick anything to my dash or block my air vents. Thanks so much WeatherTech!

Awesome phone holder!

Name: Juan A Carrillo

I really enjoy this cup phone holster. Its unique. I bought several for xmas gifts and they loved it.

Love it!

Name: Anonymous

Great product, holds my phone even in it's case. No problem connecting with satellites and  doesn't fall out onto the floor.

Holds my iPhone even with a case!

Name: Joe Jimenez

It has been a very useful accessory in my truck. It holds my iPhone even with a Otter case which is pretty thick. It fits great in the cup holder and no problem attaching the charging cord to the phone while in the CupFone.

Love it!!

Name: Helen

Received a CupFone as a Christmas gift and I love it. Keeps my phone from sliding all over my Jeep and keeps it safe from scratches. Great idea!

Works great!

Name: Geoff B

The CupFone phone holder is the best thing that I bought for my car. No more phone sliding all over the place.

Finally found a sturdy and steady phone holder!

Name: Becky Alexander

We've been looking long and hard for a car phone holder that doesn't flop with the weight of our phones or crimp the charge cord. Had to remove two cups to find the perfect snug fit for our car and are ready to run the roads knowing the phone will be secure and fully charged when we reach our destination.....road-trip PERFECT! Was a bit difficult for old-people hands to separate the cups, but we got creative and used a socket-wrench bit and a tack hammer to tap the cups apart. Down one front seat cup holder, but we recommend this product.

My kids love it!

Name: Alma Jeanette

I bought 4 Cupfone holders for my kids they love them! They take them from the car to their desks at work.  They are so happy with them it was a great gift. So glad I got them!

Greatest cell phone holder on the market!

Name: Michile Goben

My husband has purchased several accessories for my car, all of which are great, but the CupFone is by far the best one yet.

CupFone works like a charm

Name: Anonymous

My husband and I both have several Weather Tech products for our cars and have been very pleased. I bought this CupFone as a Christmas gift for my husband. For some reason we had a difficult time removing the bottom cup with that tiny white peg. But after several tries the cup popped off. The CupFone works like a charm. It's a nice alternative to other hands-free options.

Great addition for our vehicles.

Name: Mark Kasdorf

These holders are just what we were looking for. Fit perfect in our American vehicles (Ford's)


Name: Anonymous

I use mine in our motorhome and my wife uses hers in her van. We both love them!

Great Choice


I chose the correct gift for my son & his wife. They have everything. Thank you!