UnderLinerProtective layer for drop-in bed liners

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Protect your paint with WeatherTech’s UnderLiner, the ultimate truck bed solution! UnderLiner serves as a base layer beneath rigid truck bed liners, ensuring that vibration and shifting during travel do not damage your truck’s painted surface. Read More

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When you install a WeatherTech UnderLiner beneath your rigid drop-in bed liner, you add an unbeatable layer of protection that keeps your finish pristine. UnderLiner perfectly matches the contours of your truck bed, and measures in at 0.065” thick. Made of a flexible, yet sturdy material, UnderLiner provides a protective base that fits discreetly under any drop-in liner. Installation is a snap—simply place UnderLiner in your truck bed, fit your rigid drop-in bed over it, and you’re ready to load it up and hit the road. Skip the scuffs and scrapes—WeatherTech’s got your truck bed covered.

UnderLiner Highlights:

  • Heavy-duty, flexible base for your truck bed
  • Custom fit to match the shape, size and contouring of your truck’s make and model
  • Shields the painted surface of your truck bed from scratches and scrapes caused by rigid liners
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