TechFloor Testimonials

WeatherTech TechFloor Home Garage

Name: Bradley Fresh

How cool is this! Install about 8 hours. Great floor to work on the cars. Cleaned up easy after a Chicago snow/salt winter. Thanks, Brad

TechFloor made a great flooring material for my boat

Name: Anonymous

I was looking for a modern and cost effective flooring for my 1962 Starcraft Premier fiberglass boat. After priming and painting the floor I decided to go with the basic TechFloor. The product was easy to install and looks great. I was able to cut the tiles with a razor blade for a custom fit.

Unbelievably Durable & Shows Great

Name: AREA 51 Cuztomz, Mick Howard

We used the Tech floor for a car we were taking to World of Wheels and needed good flooring that was inexpensive but looked like we paid a million bucks for it. The flooring was easy to put together and even easier to take apart. WeatherTech was a great company to work with as well. We will use this product again and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a similar product.

Looks Great and Easy install

Name: Paul Marshalek

I was looking for the right floor for my new home and Tech Floor just fit the job perfectly. The design team at the Factory Store was helpful and very knowledgeable. They helped me work out the design, material pricing and delivery. I put the floor down with my wife in less than 4 hours. It took a tape measure, rubber mallet and circular saw to trim a few tiles. My friends say it looks like a custom auto shop. I still put down some protection when dirty jobs are going on in the space just to protect my investment. Cleans up with soap and water, the Weathertech cleaner takes care of stubborn stains when necessary. I love the floor and the customer service is the best. Thanks Weathertech .

Great product, easy to install!

Name: Richard Smith

A great product, we are very happy with everything involved. From ordering the product, tech support, and phone conversations with Melissa. The entire installation took about five hours. Is was a snap (pun intended) to put together, I'd recommend this product to all my friends. Thank you Melissa for all of your assistance.

User friendly product

Name: Paul Roy

After a lot of research on what to do for my garage floor we decided to go with the TechFloor. The Representative(Melissa Grady) from TechFloor helped us through the process and floor plan with a list of exactly what we needed so there was no waste. The floor was amazingly easy to put down and we really had fun doing it. I would recommend this TechFloor to anyone looking to really spruce a floor.

Pleased with final result

Name: Anonymous

I chose the floor from WeatherTech and was happy to find out how easy it was to install and how pleased I am with the final result. In addition, the floor is very easy to keep clean.

Dresses up the garage

Name: Anonymous

Great product! Easy to install & really dresses up the garage! As a bonus, my wife approves of it as well! Thank you TechFloor!!

Pleasantly surprised with the look and price

Name: Anonymous

After looking at many different types of flooring(rhino lining,carpet,peel and stick, linolium etc) I checked out tech floor. After a few emails back and forth..I got it delivered at my front door, price is very reasonable under $800 to do 24 ft enclosed trailer. After some moving of the tiles I got it to fit nicely. I had to do some cutting around D rings cut with a utility knife not to difficult . All in all pleasantly surprised how well it looks . Took a total of 8 hours from pulling trailer in front of house to loading back up and putting away....

Exceeded my expectations

Name: Anonymous

I learned long ago that I am rarely disappointed in the "the best" of something/product. TechFloor is definitely in this category. It was a breeze to figure out the quantity and order. They even allowed me to buy extras and return unused product. It was a easier to install than I had planned on and it turned out terrific... Just look at the difference this floor made in finishing my trailer both in looks and functionality. I've painted floors before and although somewhat less in up front cost... The long run with scars or trying repair inevitable bad areas THIS floor is definitely the way to go. Thanks WeatherTech for an outstanding quality product that exceeded my expectations. This stuff is ridiculously good.

Easy Installation

Name: Anonymous

My son and I installed the floor together and we had a great time working and learning. We put the model trains on the TechFloor and the traction squares held the track . Very cool! Thanks for a great product. GO HAWKS !!!!

best product at the best price

Name: Anonymous

I looked around for several years for a floor covering for my garage to put under my prized Saturn roadster. I went with TechFloor, and in my opinion I got the best product with the options I liked at the best price.

Awesome product

Name: Anonymous

Awesome Product! Very easy to install. Was able to create the perfect walk area from the house to the washer and dryer. The checkered pattern gives my garage a new face lift! Thanks TechFloor!

Easy install. Looks great.

Name: Mike A.

I wanted to let you know how Happy I am with your TechFloor for my Garage in Naples Florida. It was very easy to install. It looks so nice & clean. My neighbors liked it so much that they also ordered it. It was easy to trim cut the corners for a custom look. It's also easy to clean. The little rubber grips provide a non slip surface. I am so Proud of my Garage with the WeatherTech TechFloor product. Thanks Mike A.

Great Product

Name: Roger S.

Very happy with my TechFloor. It took me two days to install - I don’t work as quickly as I used to. I used the red tile as a clearly-seen-in-my-peripheral-vision warning that I'm about to step on the tiles. The golden-yellow tiles mark the dividing line between where each car gets parked - a handy reference for when I'm pulling into the garage. And the green very nicely matches the British Racing Green color of my MINI. Thanks for a great product!

Love my TechFloor

Name: Anonymous

Absolutely love my TechFloor. I got great advice and tech support for installation from Chis (at WeatherTech). It was VERY easy to install (if I can do it, anyone can!). I constantly get complements from friends and neighbors.

Excellent experience. Floor looks great.

Name: Anonymous

I always wanted to do my garage floor. I was planning on doing a quality floor paint but I knew that it would take a lot of time to complete. The floor would have to be done in stages so everything in the garage could be shifted from one side to the other. And don't forget drying time. With TechFloor, the whole two car garage was done in one day. Chris from WeatherTech planned everything out for me and ordered exactly what I needed with very little extra. Overall an excellent experience and the floor looks great.

Great flooring. Practical tile options.

Name: Anonymous

I had wanted to do something with the garage floor for years, but it was too costly or complex. But with TechFloor it was easy, and the cost will vary with your design choices. And there are pieces available for the odd corners. After going through many designs we went with a Jeep 7-slot grill under my Grand Cherokee, and a Trailhawk design under my wife's Jeep. And some rubberized tiles for landings and workspaces. Our floor looks awesome, is warmer in the winter, and we keep the garage cleaner now.