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Perfect for the desktop, table top or countertop – TabletHolder frees you up to do whatever you like without interrupting your tablet time. Whether it’s work or play, this easy-to-tilt tablet mount allows you to get the perfect viewing angle for virtually any tablet on the market. Read More Product Information

Made in USA
Lifetime Limited Warranty
Part Number: 8ATBH1
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Product Information


The adjustable TabletHolder can fit your iPad, Amazon Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy Tab or almost any other tablet on the market. The easy-grip knob (available in four separate metallic finishes) makes adjusting the viewing angle simple for you and your little ones, so enjoying the view will always be a breeze.

TabletHolder’s base uses anti-skid rubber feet with a weight to ensure stability. Anti-slip material on both the holder face and hooks ensures that your tablet stays safe and sound, no matter the size.

This portable stand also allows you to easily charge your device while it is in the holder. Available in three different colors, you can also swap out your TabletHolder’s plastic knobs with five different colors of aluminum billet knobs.

TabletHolder Highlights:

  • Allows for easy tablet viewing
  • Perfect for work, home or school
  • Anti-slip material keeps your tablet in place
  • Weighted base keeps TabletHolder stable
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