SunShade Testimonials


Name: Christian Noyes
Vehicle: 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32

Got the windshield shade to mostly protect my dashboard and the fit is honestly amazing definitely would recommend it to anyone such a snug fit!

Works Great

Name: Brandon B.
Vehicle: 2016 Chevrolet Silverado

The WeatherTech sun visor works and fits great! I have the visor for both mine and my wife's car.

Batman have this Techshades

Name: Alexis Zavala
Vehicle: 2016 Toyota Tundra

Awesome Shades for my Tundra, I got the full vehicle kit , the shades fits perfectly fine on all my windows, is Pitch black inside , got this to protect not just my leather seats, I believe that will protect from any intruder to see inside my belongings and also will protect my babies when the sun is in front of their eyes when facing backwards. I totally recommend it.

Robust TechShade Cools Really Well

Name: Howard Helton
Vehicle: 2015 Honda Odyssey

The robust TechShade, thicker than others I have seen, really cools the car in the hot, southern Alabama Sun. And I like the dark reverse side for winter. But it is hard to roll-up. I suggest fold it into ten sections, which makes it easier to handle.

No sun will be getting through

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Perfect coverage in my 2017 Z71. No sun will be getting through.

WeatherTech quality and a perfect fit

Name: Roger S.
Vehicle: 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan

Purchased these for our 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan camper conversion . Like everything else WeatherTech manufactures, these are perfect ! Great fit, and so easy to use . The pull tabs were a great addition, that don't seem necessary on the surface until you see how easy they help to pull the shades out of the windows! Helps make the van nice and dark inside, and steath on the outside, for privacy. Keeps the inside temps down as advertised! Why even bother trying to make your own, when these are a perfect fit, reversible, look great, have pull tabs and are affordable, vs trying to make your own, that will probably wind up looking "home made" ! The only slight issue (with a 2008+ Dodge Grand Caravan, or 2008+ Chrysler Town and Country ), is the rear hatch sunshade is NOT reversible, due to the offset wiper cut-out. Only the silver side will face out. Not a problem for us, but just something to note. Thanks WeatherTech for another perfect product!

Fits better than a glove!

Name: George Woolet
Vehicle: 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan

Not that I have gloves to keep the sun out... but what a fit for the large windshield! Works great when we’re in Florida and it’s 95° and no relief from the sun. We have sun shades in all four of our cars. David MacNeill is a genius and all of his products are 2nd to none!

Great product

Name: Karen Earl
Vehicle: 2017 Toyota Tacoma

I purchased the full set of shades for my 2017 Tacoma at the beginning of the summer. In Arizona keeping the sun out of is a major task. These fit perfectly, stay in the windows and completely block out the sun. I would say decreasing the heat inside 10 to 15 degrees. I have never actually left a thermometer inside. I would highly recommend these.

Best ever

Name: John Reilly
Vehicle: 2014 Ford Edge

I have bought other windshield shades, and they start to wear out after a while, and didn't fit my windshield correctly, leaving a lot of dashboard open to the sun,and a lot of sun to the sides of the window,and a lot of sun on the visors.   After buying the Techshade made for my vehicle,It fits my WHOLE windshield, making the car so much cooler, and protecting the whole dashboard,plus everything else in the front. Techshade is all quality material.

Perfect Fit

Name: Michael Murphree
Vehicle: 2017 RAM ProMaster

Thanks WeatherTech for the perfect fit in my Promaster. The windshield TechShade works great. Now all I need are TechShades for the driver and passenger door windows! hint, hint

Customer service is awesome

Name: Craig Roe
Vehicle: 2014 Ford F-250/F-350/F-450/F-550

I have weather tech floor liners, bug shield, vent visor and mud flaps. Easy to install and long lasting. Costumer service is awesome and warranty is outstanding


Name: Rachel Egg
Vehicle: 2018 Kia Sorento

I purchased the whole car kit and it doesn't allow any light or heat in the vehicle. I wanted to protect my new leather from the Florida heat and these will do just that. They fit the windows perfectly assuring me that the sun's rays are not going to sneak into my vehicle. Also keeps possessions safe inside because you cannot see inside the vehicle. I will recommend these to everyone.

Highly highly recommend theses to anyone.

Name: Colt D
Vehicle: 2015 Ford F-250/F-350/F-450/F-550

Techshade full set. AWESOME!!! Can't believe they fit so perfect!!! In my 2015 Ford F-350 can't hardly see any daylight at all while in place. Super happy and would definitely recommend them to any one. I wish they had a set for my 1995 Ford F-150.

Worth it!

Name: Gregory D
Vehicle: 2011 Toyota Camry

I love my sunshade! So much better than all the others. It really makes a difference in my Camry. Well made, durable, excellent quality, a very well fit, worth the investment!!! I am very, very pleased with my purchase! No more buying flimsy, cheap, not fitting right sunshades! I am sooooo pleased with my sunshade! Thank you Weather Tech!!!! Gregory, Albuquerque, NM

Tech Sunshade

Name: Judy Ward
Vehicle: 2017 Cadillac XT5

Perfect fit width and length on the 2017 Cadillac XT5. Only negative the fit around the rear view mirror is a bit to large. I'm hoping the small visors on the XT5 will hold the shade up, unless the shade stays up on its own. Much better looking than other sunshades I have purchased. Appears to be great quality.

Protect Yourself

Vehicle: 2014 Ford F-150

Have used this product on both my Fords and could not be more satisfied. Just bought my third . Easy to follow instructions and quick to install, Looks and works as advertised at half the price and I paid myself for the labor.

Great, but difficult to roll up

Name: Daniel S
Vehicle: 2016 Honda Odyssey

The shade fits perfectly on our 2016 Odyssey, but it's difficult to roll up. Pretty tough to roll up while you're sitting in the driver's seat. It would be nice if the sun shade had creases in it so it would be easier to fold up like other sun shades that are on the market.

awesome product

Name: jimbob becker
Vehicle: 2014 RAM Ram 2500/3500

Got the full set for my Ram crew cab pickup. great protection from the sun for my custom camo neoprene seat covers. I love the fact I can leave the rear shades in place while driving to keep the interior of the vehicle cooler on long trips. Also great for the kids watching movies in the back seat on those long trips too.

This Product is Great

Name: Albert Kao
Vehicle: 2016 RAM Ram 2500/3500

Bought this as an afterthought when purchasing mudflaps. Stowed it under the rear seat because of its size when rolled up. Pulled it out once for an extra hot day and found that this is now one of my favorite products. It prevented the cab from becoming an oven as it usually does on very hot days. The shade now lives up front. I don't care if it takes up space, it works too well. It fits so well you have to bend the shade a little (won't hurt it) to fit it around the mirror. Takes less than a minute to deploy. I put it up more often than not. This simple product rocks.

Keeps car cooler...

Name: Levin
Vehicle: 2015 Nissan Altima

This product futs my windshield great! I notice about a 20 to 30 degree difference which is a ton in a hot car. Quality is there too, its not flimsy. Worth the investment.


Vehicle: 2005 Dodge Ram Truck 1500

After buying multiple sunshades that didn't fit my truck, i bit the bullet and tried weather techs sunshade. This shade is awesome and fits perfect with no gaps. Very happy with product. it is very pricey for what it is ($69.00 shipped to my house), but it does fit perfect, and will save the interior of my truck in this Florida sun, so i give it 2 thumbs up, would suggest anyone to buy this product it is custom fit to your vehicle!!

Excellent product - great company!

Name: Kevin
Vehicle: 2015 Chevrolet Sonic

I had written a testimonial about a previous sunshade I had ordered years ago from Weather Tech that didn't turn out so good ... got a call the following day or two from Weather Tech who advised me that they had discontinued that product too because of poor quality and were now producing their own version. It arrived a couple days later and their version is perfect! Excellent fit, easy to stow and quietly stows as well - that was part of the problem with the older version. It makes a huge difference in car temp and I live in Florida and my car sits outside all day. A good 20+ degrees cooler than before - Excellent product - much like their floor mats which I own.


Name: Harold A Brill
Vehicle: 2016 Toyota Tundra

Received the window covers today, installed them and they fit perfect, I mean really perfect. I hoped that it would fit well but did not dream it would fit this good do not need to put the front visors down to hold The shade in place it fits without them being down. Highly recommend them.

I've used Weather Tech Products for years, Tech Shade is another world class product.

Name: Scott Dubinsky
Vehicle: 2007 Chevrolet Impala

Love everything Weather Tech produces. Have and continue to own a wide range of the product line. Interestingly Weather Tech products improve with age, they don't wear out, they age with a patina representative of top quality goods. Enough said, this an American Company manufacturing the worlds best automotive products here at home; can't get better than that

Simply the BEST!

Name: Andy Han
Vehicle: 2016 Ford Explorer

Been using weathertech sun shields for my last 3 cars and compared to others I have used it doesn't even compare. I can actually feel the difference entering my car when it has to actually sit in the sun. Great quality that will last. Very satisfied customer

Owned for over 14 years

Name: Harold and Carol Sugden
Vehicle: 1999 Honda Accord

We have owned the TechShade Windshield Sun Shade for over 14 years. I learned today. while watching the WeatherTech video that it could be useful in the winter, also. We have used it only during the valley's brutal summer heat. Despite continual summer use, the Techshade is in great condition and works well. A really good buy!

Don't go anywhere else!

Name: Brian Skutnik
Vehicle: 2012 Ford Focus

I made the mistake, twice, of buying a competitor's brand for side window deflection. I then bought them from Weathertech, had I come here first I would have saved a lot of money, as they fit perfectly. Also picked up the TechShade windshield sun blocker...WOW..better than I expected!

TechShade fits perfectly and doesn't fall down!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2017 Buick Envision

The TechShade designed for the Buick 2017 Envision fits perfectly and doesn't fall down. The previous shade did not fit well. It was discouraging to return to the vehicle and find it had fallen on the dash. This TechShade has never fallen. It is easy to insert and remove.


Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2018 Nissan Titan

Just got this and put it in our new Nissan Titan 2018 single cab. The fit is perfect! Unlike other rolled products and it totally blocks the sun out. Thanks Weathertech for another great product!!

Outstanding customer service

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2013 Ford Explorer

Being a DAV it is hard for me to order over the computer, I called and ordered two things and both times I was handled outstanding, Joseph was one tech and I can not remember the other but she was also outstanding. Both were very easy to talk to and explained the product to me so I could understand. thank u for the outstanding customer service.