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Sunroof Wind Deflector Testimonials

Product fits great

Name: Wayne Wacker
Vehicle: 2005 Ford Escape

I was going to buy one of those stick-on visors, I'm glad I didn't. This WeatherTech visor went on so easy and looks great. I thought the clips that hold it on would possibly make the sunroof leak but, it's been raining all day and I don't see any leaks.

Great product.

Name: Rence Fabian
Vehicle: 2007 Honda Civic

Pretty solid product. I also have the weathertech liners inside the car for my coupe and have the moonroof deflector as well. All 3 are great products and would all recommend them. Prices are solid and even though you can get cheaper ones from Amazon or EBay, they won't be as a perfect fit than these products. The rain deflectors were fairly easy to put on, you might have to re-adjust them to get them the perfect fit. The moonroof as well. You might need a partner on the other side to get it even on both sides. The liners are true to size so they'll pop on with ease. All in all, great products, but I wish weathertech made rear window spoilers. They seem to have amazing material so they can make it work. It'll add a sporty look on 2 or even 4 door cars. Hopefully they see this request.

Mark Cummings's Testimonial

Name: Mark Cummings
Vehicle: 2008 Ford Fusion

I have been a WeatherTech customer since 1997 when I had my Ford Escort. I purchased the Window Deflectors and ever since then I have been the most loyal WeatherTech customer to date. I have actually based my vehicle purchases on availability of WeatherTech products. I had the Window Deflectors on my 2003 Mazda Protégé 5. My next purchase was a 2007 Ford Fusion which my wife now drives. After that was not one but TWO 2008 Ford Fusions about 4 to 5 months apart due to an accident January 1st of 2008 which totaled the first 2008 Fusion. My wife and I were unscratched, thank god. Unfortunately, I could not roll down the windows to get the Window Deflectors off. So, when I purchased my next 2008 Fusion I went crazy! I purchased Window Deflectors, Floor Liners, and a Sunroof Deflector. The Customer Service I have received is incomparable, which is why I will not shop accessories anywhere else.

Absolutely Awesome!

Name: Everett Conn
Vehicle: 2015 Honda Pilot

Usually I don't leave comments, but I was looking for accessories for new Honda Pilot. I read the reviews and watched the video and thought installing the window visors could not be that easy. I received the shipment quickly, and in just a few minutes I had them installed. I suggest reading the directions first! The roof visor was just a little more difficult. I would suggest two step ladders and if possible another person to help hold the clip. I am 67 and accomplished the installation within 15-20 minutes.

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2009 Ford Escape

It looks great on my vehicle. With the little bit of overhang, it's nice to be able to open my moonroof a little bit when it's raining out without getting wet. The only bad thing is that it was a little harder to install than I thought and as advertised.

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2002 GMC Yukon / Yukon Denali

The wind deflector I purchased was easy to install and now I do not get all the wind and road noise while driving at highway speeds with my moon roof open. Now we have a moon roof that can be used all the time.

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2008 Toyota RAV4

My Toyota Vangard (Lav4) great looks with the WeatherTech Sunroof Wind Deflector. Tokyo Japan

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2008 Chrysler 300 / 300C

Researched the wind deflector from other vendors and I decided to purchase from weathertech because of the looks and the ease of installation. Product made of quality material and provides the ability to use my sunroof without any changes to the vechicles factory sunroof. Great product. Looking forward to purchasing other products from weathertech for my vechicle Thanks

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2008 Honda Odyssey

Easy to install..and yes no wind noise. Heck as long as you are moving no rain either. I'm very glad with this wind deflector. Will like to see chrome side window deflectors for my vehicle. Any chance of that happening?