Side Window Deflectors Testimonials

WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors

Name: Derek J Greenwald
Vehicle: 2019 Ford F-150

After having a set on my 2006 F150 XLT for 13 years, I felt I need a full set on my 2019 F150 XLT. These deflectors installed quickly, easily and they look great on my truck! I had all four deflectors installed in less than 30 minutes. Thanks for a great product WeatherTech!

Good Quality and Easy to Install and helps protect from water

Name: Tim LaCroix
Vehicle: 2015 RAM Ram 1500

I recently installed these on my 2018 Dodge Ram and I could not be happier! They went on extremely easy and they look great and above all they truly help with water run off while I have my windows open.

Great product

Name: Dano Atamian
Vehicle: 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Very functional and excellent in the rain. Streamlined, low profile and subtle I love how they look on my Wrangler. It is a tight fit and the edges are sharp so you may want to wear gloves when installing. I did cut my fingers and had to wipe up some blood on them. Looked at many different brands but Weathertech IS the way to go.

Great Product

Name: Bryan Grove
Vehicle: 2008 Chrysler Pacifica

Amazing product and super easy to install. Only took about 10 minutes to install. I recommend this product!

Love The Deflectors

Name: Keith Blodgett
Vehicle: 2007 Hyundai Accent

Have had the dark tint deflectors installed for several years on my 3-door Accent GS. Highway noise reduced, air flow in the car when it's raining, able to leave windows cracked in parking lots and they don't glue on like the cheap ones. Great investment, still look as good as new.

Super stoked!

Name: Livi
Vehicle: 2017 Toyota Tacoma

Installed my window deflectors all by myself, lol. 2017 Toyota Tacoma. And they look great. Really easy to install. This girl can enjoy the sweet scent of rain fall without getting the cab doors and power window switches all wet. Super stoked!

Perfect as usual.

Name: Christopher Robinson
Vehicle: 2011 Ford Econoline E-Series

These are usually the first things I buy for any new (to me) vehicle. And they are always perfect in fit and function. This vehicle is a van I cannot seem to find parts for, but Weather Tech has me covered. Thank you... again. Love the quality, easy install, and the fresh air without the noise and wind in my face. :)

Great product.

Name: Rence Fabian
Vehicle: 2007 Honda Civic

Pretty solid product. I also have the weathertech liners inside the car for my coupe and have the moonroof deflector as well. All 3 are great products and would all recommend them. Prices are solid and even though you can get cheaper ones from Amazon or EBay, they won't be as a perfect fit than these products. The rain deflectors were fairly easy to put on, you might have to re-adjust them to get them the perfect fit. The moonroof as well. You might need a partner on the other side to get it even on both sides. The liners are true to size so they'll pop on with ease. All in all, great products, but I wish weathertech made rear window spoilers. They seem to have amazing material so they can make it work. It'll add a sporty look on 2 or even 4 door cars. Hopefully they see this request.

One and only

Name: Michelle
Vehicle: 2017 Toyota Corolla

Typical rainguards are honestly hideous accessories on any car, however, the sleek look and fit of WeatherTech surprised all of my non-believing friends. It was easy to install and looks like a part of my car. Again, looks very sleek and smooth. Sooo worth the price, no other rainguard from any retail store will come close to how these look and feel.

Looked great saved me from drowning

Name: Dan Wathen
Vehicle: 2015 Honda Odyssey

I got a Honda Odyssey I love the van but when I roll down the window water comes pouring in right off the windshield wipers right off the front window! Not just a little water, all the water! Thought I was going to drowned in the front seat. I got the Weather Tech deflectors After much searching cause they look better than the ones that the Honda factory makes. They installed easily, fit perfectly, and looked great! Most importantly they work wonderfully. I'd recommend them to anybody with the Odyssey van. I couldn't be happier! Job well done .


Name: Tamara
Vehicle: 2015 Chevrolet Silverado

Very easy to install. Look amazing on my black crew cab very sleek looking.

Great product

Name: James Cobb
Vehicle: 2008 Nissan Pathfinder

Amazing product and super easy to install. Took a total of 5 mins. Recommend this product very much

In channel vent visors

Name: Tina Wolfe
Vehicle: 2015 Honda Civic

The dealer wanted $240 plus installation for vent visors so I shopped around. I found weathertech and am highly pleased with the purchase I made here. They are heavy duty and durable and love the 3 year warranty.


Name: Phillip Bishop
Vehicle: 2015 Fiat 500

Very pleased on how your Wind Deflectors fit my cool 2015 Fiat Abarth and how great they look on my car. Your service is very excellent, when my shipment arrived one of the wind deflectors were slightly damaged (it had scratches from shipment) I called and mentioned this slight problem and you took care of it right away and sent out another set of wind guards and they're wrapped for protection to prevent any scratches....I am very impressed with how you took care of this. I thank you very much, a very satisfied customer.

An Excellent product and I will explain why I am happy

Name: jeffrey
Vehicle: 2012 Honda Accord

I did my homework on vent visors and determined that weathertech was the only way to go because theirs are precisely made and not some tape on inferior product that interferes with the thoughtful design lines of your vehicle. I have a 2012 accord coupe EXL that is sharp looking and the vent visors were precisely made for my vehicle. They slide right in the window track and believe me it is a tight fit I was scared I may break the visor installing it but it is well made smoked plastic from Germany. This works well in fact i can have my window down a few inches in these hot florida days but nobody's the wiser, it will let out thousands of BTU saving my leather interior and my skin from burning. I am very happy with this purchase and have gotten many compliments.

love this product

Name: nora fox
Vehicle: 2012 Honda Accord

I recently purchased a little black honda coupe. I had ordered the side window deflectors inline and nothing we bought fit on the inside tracks (there is chrome along the egdes of car). After emailing the representative he said they should work. My husband put them in in less time than it took for me to peek though my fingers( i was sure they wouldnt fit either)... They fit! They are beautiful and they dont ruin the look of the car and chrome. I love them and am so happy i made the leap and purchased. Thank you. You have made me a very happy woman and i will definitely use your company again!!!

I love the way they look!

Name: Kim the Avon Lady
Vehicle: 2014 Toyota Camry

I worried that the summer heat coupled with the black interior of my car would damage the things I keep in my car and also my Avon orders on delivery days. So I decided to buy the rain guards. This is my third set of rain guards for as many vehicles (the first came on my Tacoma when I bought it, then I bought the second set for the Corolla I had). I was very pleased with the low profile and how closely they match the tint on my windows. 

Excellent product

Name: Roger Wheeler
Vehicle: 2015 Toyota Highlander

I always like to keep my driver and passenger windows cracked during the summer months to keep the interior of my vehicle cooler but can't tell you how many times a downpour came while I was away from the vehicle and you know the end of that story. I just got a new Highlander and was intrigued by these deflectors as they required no adhesives or other types of intrusive installation. I ordered a pair for my front driver and passenger windows and the installation was very easy and the fit is amazing!!! Great product at a great price. I highly recommend.

Derek Western's Testimonial

Name: Derek Western
Vehicle: 2008 Honda Civic

When I bought my Civic Si Coupe this year I was in love with it and it seemed perfect except for a few minor flaws. One of the major ones was that driving in rain or even the condensation on the car in the morning would roll straight into the windows when I turned a corner. For the first time in my life I decided that I needed rain guards. Honda doesn't offer rain guards for this car, so I was forced to look to the aftermarket. I didn't want that cheap EBay garbage that would have fitment issues and not hold up. I saw pictures on the Weathertechs on an enthusiast board and thought they looked good on the car, and read some more people's opinions and decided that I'd give them a try. My visors came very quickly and were a perfect fit for my car, I had them installed in a few minutes taking my time. The next morning there was no drips on me when I took my first corner and the condensation dripped off. We then got torrential rains from one storm after another and I comfortably drove with my windows cracked open for fresh air, even with 2 inches of water on the road. Great product, well designed, good fitment, and the company has a solid reputation for quality. My wife also drives a Civic sedan and I want to get a set of these for hers as well.

Mark Cummings's Testimonial

Name: Mark Cummings
Vehicle: 2008 Ford Fusion

I have been a WeatherTech customer since 1997 when I had my Ford Escort. I purchased the Window Deflectors and ever since then I have been the most loyal WeatherTech customer to date. I have actually based my vehicle purchases on availability of WeatherTech products. I had the Window Deflectors on my 2003 Mazda Protégé 5. My next purchase was a 2007 Ford Fusion which my wife now drives. After that was not one but TWO 2008 Ford Fusions about 4 to 5 months apart due to an accident January 1st of 2008 which totaled the first 2008 Fusion. My wife and I were unscratched, thank god. Unfortunately, I could not roll down the windows to get the Window Deflectors off. So, when I purchased my next 2008 Fusion I went crazy! I purchased Window Deflectors, Floor Liners, and a Sunroof Deflector. The Customer Service I have received is incomparable, which is why I will not shop accessories anywhere else.

Ron from Greeneville's Testimonial

Name: Ron from Greeneville
Vehicle: 2007 Toyota Tundra

The WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors took longer to get out of the box than to install them. No kidding, I installed all 4 windows in less than a minute. They fit and look great on my new 2007 Toyota Tundra. Thanks MacNeil Automotive for some great window deflectors.

Alan Miller's Testimonial

Name: Alan Miller
Vehicle: 2006

We purchased a new BMW last year and as anybody knows, the aerodynamics of a BMW are awesome except my wife is a smoker so whenever the window is cracked just a little the ones in back either get wind or rain. I have searched and could not find any deflectors for this car, Until I read a magazine with your add. I rushed home got on the computer to find that your company does carry ours. Our order is in the process of being shipped. Thank you so much from east Texas Family

Jennifer Avila's Testimonial

Name: Jennifer Avila
Vehicle: 2005 Mazda MPV

These WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors are awesome! 3 days after I ordered them, they were at the front door! I was so surprised when they came in, I opened the box, read the great instructions - and 5 minutes later, they were on! I didn't even have to wait for my husband to get home to put them on. They have been a great addition to the vehicle. I can tell the difference of how much cooler the van is by leaving the windows cracked and letting the van vent while parked. It's also great not having fog build up on the windshield when it rains. This product is great and I would reccommend it to everybody. Thanks- Jennifer Avila

Wow! Half the price of OEM but look 100% better!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2019 Subaru Outback

I was skeptical about these, but couldn’t bring myself to pay the $240 that Subaru wanted for theirs. I installed all 4 windows in under 10 minutes, and it only took me that long because I had to spend about 2 minutes trying to get the paper off of the adhesive on the back ones. (Needlenose pliers worked). These look great, are lower profile than some others, and fit in the channel so they are snug! Very pleased, will be getting some for my husband’s Jeep.

Window Side Deflectors Perfect Fit

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 1995 Nissan Pickup

I received the Weather Tech side window deflectors today for my 1995 Nissan Pick Up. Took less than five minutes to install. Perfect fit! I have ordered the side window deflectors made specifically for my 1995 Nissan pick up before, from a different company, but they were too long and the angle was wrong. The Weather Tech fit perfectly. Very happy. Very satisfied. Thanks Weather Tech.

Installs in no time, works flawlessly.

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI

When I got my brand-new GTI, whenever I ran the windshield wipers--or if it rained--I always got splashed. Highway noise was loud, too, and the blast of wind bothered me at speed. I purchased these and installed them the next day. Very easy to install, and once I got the first front deflector on, the rest were a piece of cake. All 4 probably took 10 minutes. No more splashing, no more wind blasting me. I do enjoy fresh air when I drive, so I often open the window an inch or so, and I get my air without the blast, especially at speed. They quiet down air noise at higher speeds, and keep me dry. I've been through a few car washes, and no problems there. I've had them on for 5 months without a single problem. The dark tint looks great, and it doesn't look like a "tricked-out" ride; just subtle (my GTI's navy blue) and clean. Thanks, WeatherTech!

Perfect Addition

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2017 Chevrolet Equinox

Installed the Deflectors in just a few minutes. Could not be easier. Very happy with the way it looks on the Nox. FYI, they survive the car wash with no problems. Would highly recommend.

Sleek, Stylish, and Functional

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2013 Honda Civic

I received these as a Christmas present and couldn't be happier. Install was a bit tricky (do it in a warm environment and ensure you're seating it in the proper channel), but once installed, these look absolutely fantastic compared to the OEM versions. They really fit the silhouette of the car better and look much more stylish and natural- I've gotten a few compliments, actually! I never thought I'd want these until this car, but it's so nice to be able to keep my windows cracked at work without worrying about rain getting in. They are in-channel, but secured well and when installed right, do not impede the window motor or let an unreasonable amount of noise in the car. HIGHLY recommended.

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2007 Toyota Tacoma

Mounting under the rubber instead of over the door frame is great. This option preserves the natural lines of my truck doors & windows and accents the tinted windows. I have received numerous compliments and I always ensure I tell folks to buy the real deal...WeatherTech. Now on to my new All-Weather floor mats!

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2007

Side window deflectors allows fresh air into the car even tough it's raining out, yet keeping you dry from the rain!!