Side Window Deflectors Testimonials

Love The Deflectors

Name: Keith Blodgett
Vehicle: 2007 Hyundai Accent

Have had the dark tint deflectors installed for several years on my 3-door Accent GS. Highway noise reduced, air flow in the car when it's raining, able to leave windows cracked in parking lots and they don't glue on like the cheap ones. Great investment, still look as good as new.

Super stoked!

Name: Livi
Vehicle: 2017 Toyota Tacoma

Installed my window deflectors all by myself, lol. 2017 Toyota Tacoma. And they look great. Really easy to install. This girl can enjoy the sweet scent of rain fall without getting the cab doors and power window switches all wet. Super stoked!

Perfect as usual.

Name: Christopher Robinson
Vehicle: 2011 Ford Econoline E-Series

These are usually the first things I buy for any new (to me) vehicle. And they are always perfect in fit and function. This vehicle is a van I cannot seem to find parts for, but Weather Tech has me covered. Thank you... again. Love the quality, easy install, and the fresh air without the noise and wind in my face. :)

Great product.

Name: Rence Fabian
Vehicle: 2007 Honda Civic

Pretty solid product. I also have the weathertech liners inside the car for my coupe and have the moonroof deflector as well. All 3 are great products and would all recommend them. Prices are solid and even though you can get cheaper ones from Amazon or EBay, they won't be as a perfect fit than these products. The rain deflectors were fairly easy to put on, you might have to re-adjust them to get them the perfect fit. The moonroof as well. You might need a partner on the other side to get it even on both sides. The liners are true to size so they'll pop on with ease. All in all, great products, but I wish weathertech made rear window spoilers. They seem to have amazing material so they can make it work. It'll add a sporty look on 2 or even 4 door cars. Hopefully they see this request.

One and only

Name: Michelle
Vehicle: 2017 Toyota Corolla

Typical rainguards are honestly hideous accessories on any car, however, the sleek look and fit of WeatherTech surprised all of my non-believing friends. It was easy to install and looks like a part of my car. Again, looks very sleek and smooth. Sooo worth the price, no other rainguard from any retail store will come close to how these look and feel.