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Seat Protector Testimonials

Fits my truck perfect

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2014

Weathertech has absolutely nailed it with this seat cover. I have tried a couple universal fit covers that i got at the pet store and they never fit well, they were either too loose and slid around on the seat or were too small and don't offer the coverage i need to keep my leather seats protected from all things dog. I ordered the Weathertech cover for my 2014 Silverado Crew Cab and it fits great. Size wise its perfect and it covers the entire seat. There are two things that i have noticed with this cover that i see that really stand out. First thing is on the bottom there is a non slip material that really keeps the seat bottom from moving around. This is a big deal in my opinion because the other covers i tried the bottom would slide around and and from time to time my dog would end up on the floor. This has not been a problem for me with the Weathertech cover. The other thing is the attachment system, specifically where the bottom of the seat and the backrest meet. There are two little foam things that you stuff between the back and the seat. These really hold the cover in place so there is a nice edge there allowing you to use the entire bottom of the seat. Other covers i tried always kind of rounded that area off causing the seat bottom to be much smaller. This cover was not cheap and about 3x the cost of the last one i bought but the superior quality of the cover is evident compared to my last one that didn't even last a year before it failed. It didn't fit great either. If you want a top quality cover for your rear seat this is the one. I plan to buy another for our SUV very soon as i am very happy with the one in my truck. I included a photo of it in my truck. Its not as perfect as the photos that Wethertech has but i also did not put the seat belts thru, i chose to keep them hidden from the dog. If i put them thru i have no doubts that it would fit even tighter.

Exploding soft drinks!

Name: Doug Hawkins
Vehicle: 2016 Toyota Tacoma

I had a 12 pack of soft drinks on my back seat cover that I forgot about. The temperature in the truck reached at least 117 and 5 of the cans exploded or split. The cover kept almost all the liquid on the top and only a small amount dripped around the edges. I was able to get the cover off without spilling. Saved me from cleaning mess

Dog Seat Protector

Name: Kathy Baker
Vehicle: 2011 Nissan Quest

Great For Dogs! I have 3 dogs and these are wonderful for protecting the leather seats on my van and they work GREAT! Easy to install and they don't slide when my young lab bounces onto the back seat/ I was surprised at the heftiness of the material. Having dealt with my seat protectors, many of which are thin or made of wet suit material that slide and don't fit properly.I highly recommend these for humans who share their cars with their dog children.

Great product!

Name: Bennie McWilliams
Vehicle: 2018 Ford F-250/F-350/F-450/F-550

I recently purchased a new pickup that I plan on keeping for many years. We have a ranch property with cattle that I work on. Also, we also have a dog that I take everywhere. In order to keep my new truck clean while taking the dog out to the ranch, I purchased the all weather floor liners and back seat cover. I was out last weekend and unknown to me, my dog sat down in mud mixed with cow manure. The door to the truck was open and my dog jumped into the back seat and laid down. When I got in the truck, the smell was absolutely horrible and it was a huge mess. The floor liner and cover were in place and they cleaned up easily. The back part of my truck was completely spared. Unfortunately, my dog went in through the driver's door to get to the back seat and that was a mess. My only regret is that I didn't purchase the front seat covers at the same time I ordered the others (trying to save a little money). That is being corrected and I have just ordered both front seat covers for the next time we go out there.

Great Product - It needs just one little thing added

Name: Betty Moerer
Vehicle: 2015 Chevrolet Equinox

This is a great product, very well made. The only thing I would add and did was something to make it not bunch up on the seat. Everytime my dogs are on the seat for some reason it always ends up with their feet on the seat and the cover is bunched up exposing the seat.

Excellent product

Name: Larry Mullen
Vehicle: 2012 Ford Escape

After totaling my truck that I purchased weather tech bed liner and floor mats, that were perfect, I ordered pet seat protector and cargo liner for my 2012 Ford Escape. They are perfect too. My only complaint is that the front bucket seat protector is not available.

Superior Product; Easy to Install

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2019 Hyundai Tucson

I was so happy to get this, I installed it immediately--and it took all of five minutes. Sturdy, easy to clean and perfect fit, and accommodates my dogs' seatbelts. I ordered black; "black" means very dark gray, not black-black. I was disappointed at first, but it's ok. But they should have it in the description as "darkest gray", not black.

2015 F-150 Crew Cab

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2015 Ford F-150

Just installed this morning. A bit overpriced at the outset. The black seems more like a really dark gray and not actually black in color but does look bad at all. The velcro along the upright and flat portion allowed very nice access to install 2 car seats using the LATCH system. The upright covers all the seat very well (just barely gets to the outside upright portion of seat) but will protect very nicely against abrading the leather from the car seats rubbing. The material seems of good strength and will make for better cleaning and preserve the leather in the truck quite well. The elastic straps were OK and I just used the velcro straps to secure it better around the head rests. The cover does not move at ll due to the little grippies on the flat portion. Don;t think that I'll be bothered which dog jumping up on it. In the new F-150 i had to get a bit creative to push the foam anchor portions between the seat but it can be done with the seat folded up.

Love Cover Hate Elastic Straps

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2016 Chevrolet Colorado

Cover itself fits great, but elastic straps that go around headrests just doesn't make it, too loose. Needs to have web strapping with buckle or D-Ring or similar to tighten upper portion of cover around headrests, versus the elastic. For over $150 for cover, something better than elastic is needed. Love the fit of the cover. I added 1" web strapping to go around each side of headrests and 2 plastic buckles for less than $5 and now I have a quality cover that fits perfect. Now the back seat is protected when the dogs go out with us. Very happy that product is made in USA.

Very Well Made & Very Effective

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2013 Lexus RX

As have others, I've tried to protect my leather seats with inexpensive covers from the sand, mud, and water my golden retriever seems to love. They don't work well. This is made with the same quality of of other WeatherTech products which is a ringing endorsement. Fits very well and looks as if it will last a long, long while. I am very pleased by the quality and the design and recommend it completely, as does my dog.