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WeatherTech CupFone Accessories

WeatherTech CupFone Accessories

Photograph of CupFone<sup>&reg;</sup> / DeskFone<sup>™</sup> Two View Head

CupFone® / DeskFone Two View Head Upgrade your CupFone or DeskFone to view in portrait and landscape mode

  • The Two View Head has all the same features as your CupFone or DeskFone, plus it allows you to view your phone in landscape mode!
  • Easy to install and adjust the view
Photograph of Extension

Extension Improve your ability to either reach or see your CupFone

  • Raise your phone up to 4” higher than a standard CupFone. Fully height adjustable!
  • Allows for infinite positioning of your phone and securely locks into place.
Photograph of CupFone<sup>&reg;</sup> Hand Sanitizer Holder

CupFone® Hand Sanitizer Holder The CupFone accessory that offers safe and easy access to your hand sanitizer.

  • The CupFone Hand Sanitizer Holder attaches easily to your CupFone, to allow you to safely, quickly and conveniently access your hand sanitizer.
Photograph of Colored Billet Knobs

Colored Billet Knobs Customize your CupFone or DeskFone in style

  • Upgrade your CupFone or DeskFone!
  • Select the color that fits your style
$9.95 – $27.90
Photograph of StickySleeve

StickySleeve Add security and stability for your CupFone.

  • Provides your CupFone with added security and stability
  • Simply stretches over the appropriate cup
Photograph of CupFone<sup>&reg;</sup> Storage Bag

CupFone® Storage Bag Safely store your CupFone on the go.

  • Made from strong, durable nylon.
  • Safely store all your unused base cups and other accessories.
Photograph of Holiday Gift Bag

Holiday Gift Bag The perfect gift wrapping for WeatherTech CupFone and DeskFone!

  • Made from durable spandex fabric
  • Includes holiday gift tag