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FuelGloveHelps protect hands from germs, dirt and fuel found on gas pump handles*

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FuelGlove<sup>&trade;</sup> BY WEATHERTECH
FuelGlove_In_Use_Male_Hand BY WEATHERTECH
Fuel-Glove_Without-Glove-no-hand-gas-pump7367 BY WEATHERTECH
FuelGlove_In_Use_Male_Hand_Pump BY WEATHERTECH
Fuel-Glove_Without-Glove-hand-gas-pump BY WEATHERTECH
FuelGlove_In_Use_Pumping BY WEATHERTECH
Fuel-Glove_Without-Glove-gas-pump-Dirty BY WEATHERTECH
FuelGlove_OW_Two_Gloves BY WEATHERTECH
FuelGlove_OW_Back_Single BY WEATHERTECH
FuelGlove_OW_Back_Single_Center BY WEATHERTECH
FuelGlove_OW_Front_Single BY WEATHERTECH
FuelGlove<sup>&trade;</sup> BY WEATHERTECH
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You might not think about it, but a fuel pump can easily be the dirtiest thing you touch in a day. The handle of the fuel pump contains an incredibly high amount of germs, and combine that with all the dirt, and fuel residue left from previous users… well you get the idea. The WeatherTech Fuel Glove is the ultimate gas and diesel protection glove, safeguarding your health while you fill up your vehicle. Utilizing FastFit® style and a textured Armortex Grip, Fuel Glove is a must have for anyone looking to keep their hands clean at the gas pump. Read More

Part Number: 84FGMSM
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