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2006 Ford F-150 UnderLinerProtective Base Layer for Pickup Truck Drop-In Bed Liners

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2006 Ford F-150
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2006 Ford F-150 UnderLiner

Help protect your truck bed on your brand-new pickup truck! WeatherTech UnderLiner is a custom-fit protective base layer that protects your truck bed’s paint from scratches and scrapes caused by a rigid drop-in bed liner. Digitally designed, UnderLiner will perfectly match the contours of your truck’s exact make and model. Measuring just 0.065” thick, UnderLiner discreetly and easily fits under any drop-in style bed liner and creates a semi-soft barrier, protecting the painted surface of your pickup truck bed.

UnderLiner Features:

  • Protective base layer between rigid drop-in bed liners and painted surfaces.
  • Custom fit to match the shape, size and contouring of your truck’s make and model.
  • Shields the painted surface of your truck bed from scratches and scrapes caused by rigid liners.
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