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2006 Ford F-150 Hood ProtectorLow Profile Aerodynamic Protection for your Hood

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hood_protector_snow BY WEATHERTECH
Hood Protector Ford F150 BY WEATHERTECH
Hood Protector Ford Mustang BY WEATHERTECH
Hood Protector Ford F150 BY WEATHERTECH
Hood Protector Ford F150 BY WEATHERTECH
Hood Protector Toyota Tacoma BY WEATHERTECH
Hood Protector Toyota Tacoma Install BY WEATHERTECH
Hood Protector Dodge Ram BY WEATHERTECH
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2006 Ford F-150
Part Number: 55027
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WeatherTech WeatherTech New Hood Protector Ford 2006 F-150 Hood Protector 55027 55027 787765593526 The Hood Protector is a custom fit bug and debris shield that helps preserve and maintain paint finishes. Features a sleek and low profile made from flexible acrylic, built to withstand anything the road throws at it. Made in the USA.

Product Information

2006 Ford F-150 Hood Protector

The Hood Protector allows for ultimate protection through its sleek, low profile polished finish. The Hood Protector is made from a durable, yet flexible acrylic that withstands the wear-and-tear from the daily grind. Through its exclusive, custom-fit design, the Hood Protector follows the hood’s contours with a wrap design that provides a sleek, aerodynamically-friendly finish.

By providing a barrier against bugs and debris, the Hood Protector helps to preserve and maintain your 2006 Ford F-150's paint finishes. The Hood Protector mounts in minutes using strong 3M automotive tape without the need for drilling. The product is available in a dark smoke finish and is made in the USA.

Hood Protector Features:

  • Stylish skin-tight fit
  • Designed to flow with the contours of each vehicle’s hood
  • Flush mounted
  • Flexible, durable, acrylic material
  • Can be removed without damaging your 2006 Ford F-150’s paint finish
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Hood Protector: Up-Close Look

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Lifetime Limited Warranty

WeatherTech Direct, LLC warrants that our products will be free from any defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original purchaser and only for the original vehicle they were installed in. That does not mean that a product that simply and naturally wears out from normal use is a candidate for a warranty replacement or a refund. Like tires, brake pads or the shoes on your feet, everything wears out and when it does, that does not mean you did not receive good value for your money.

We are reasonable people and we believe in true customer satisfaction. We will work with you for a fair resolution to any issue you may have. Fair is defined as being fair to both you the customer and to WeatherTech. We do not charge extra for our products to our vast majority of customers so we can accommodate ridiculous warranty claims by the few. Our decision is final and will consist of either replacement of your product at no charge or charge you a prorated amount for a replacement, meaning we may extend a discount to you to purchase an exact replacement. Our goal is to keep our customers happy for a lifetime and always reach a fair resolution to any issue. Proof of purchase is required.

Exclusions to this warranty include wear due to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline, bleach, vehicle accidents, misuse, abuse, incorrect installation, incorrect use, etc.

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When installing your Hood Protector, please perform a couple test runs to make sure the product is in the exact placement before peeling the adhesive tape off. If you accidentally install the Hood Protector incorrectly and the adhesive tape becomes disconnected from the acrylic, please call our Customer Service team.

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Looks Stock
Name: Desi
Vehicle: 2017 Ford F-150
Just installed the hood protector. Was worried it might make my truck look a little too accessorized, but two rock chips in an area that would have been covered by the protector made me change my stance. After the installation all my worries have been put to bed, it looks great and I know moving forward its going to protect that part of my hood from future chips. Really happy about my purchase.
Hard to find parts!
Name: Ray Owens
Vehicle: 1991 Toyota Pickup
I purchased the window vent shades and hood deflector. This is for a 1991 vehicle, so these parts aren’t easily available to find. Weather Tech had the parts I needed and had them on my doorstep in 2 days. Both items fit perfectly and look great. There is no doubt when you order from them, the parts will fit snuggly with no problems.
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Is this product Car Wash safe?
Yes. When properly installed, you can safely enter a car wash.
What are the differences between the Hood Protector and the Stone & Bug Deflector?
The Hood Protector is a “surface-mount” deflector that is a more contemporary style.
What if I choose to remove the Hood Protector?
We recommend that you seek professional assistance.
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