All-Weather Floor Mats Testimonials

Fits Perfect

Name: Richard Kosi
Vehicle: 2015 RAM Promaster City

All I can say is Fast Shipping and a Great Product. I was very happy to" FINDLY" buy something made in the USA...The units looked good and fit the van perfect...Easy installation and a great Price....Keep up the good work...

Best Christmas Gift Surprise!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2015 Nissan Altima

Great gift for my Nissan Altima. My husband got the cargo liner and all 4 floor mats. The cargo liner fits like a glove and has a tall lip/is very durable. The floor liners fit perfect to and grip really well to the floor. I love them!

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2009 Pontiac G8

Originally from Alaska, and temporarily displaced in Florida, I've used WeatherTechs in all of my vehicles across the US. In AK they catch every bit of the ice, snow, and mud that come off the bottom of your shoes and keep all the road salt off your carpets. In FL, worrying about all that beach sand is a thing of the past as well. When you get home just take them out and dump the sand on the ground. Kudos WeatherTech !!!

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2009 Chevrolet Suburban

Our trip to the beach with six dogs would have ruined the new carpeting. Thanks to a previous positive experience with WeatherTech, we ordered a complete set for our new Suburban - floor mats and cargo mat. The color matches the interior perfectly. We expect many good years out of this set. Orginal set in our 1999 Trooper is still going strong.

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2008 Honda Accord

Our family loves to take the Yellow Lab, Cary, to the drive in restaurant when can. Like all dogs she has a tendency to shed hair and does have muddy feet some of the time. So we added the floor mats and all is well. Look for Cary at the neighborhood drive in!!!!

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2009 Cadillac CTS / CTS-V (Defunct)

Recently I just purchased a 2009 Cadillac CTS-V; which is my 556 horsepower luxury dream car. In this day and age to be able to own such a car is a blessing and I wanted nothing but the best for it; including Weathertech products. To protect and complement my CTS-V, I purchased one of your cargo liners and All-Weather floor mats. I owned some of your products which were in my 2007 Escalade and when considering mats/liners for my new car, I knew were to look……!

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 1970 Pontiac Firebird

I was looking for a heavy duty replacement for the original rubber floor mats for my 70 Firebird. The carpeted mats always seem to fray, and don't look good after a few seasons. As I had previously used your products in my daily driver Grand Prix, I knew they would hold up and keep looking good. I thnk the pictures speak for themselves, the reproduction rubber mats I had look sad compared to the Weathertech pieces. Thanks for a great product.

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2008 Kia Sorento

The WeatherTech Floor Mats cannot be beat! Beach sand to snow, it's contained on the mats and saves the carpet. Everyone is impressed with the fit and color match. I will definately buy them for any other new vehicle I get.

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2009 Toyota Camry

I am a salesman who works in the newspaper ink industry, and travel a large territory visiting & entertaining various accounts. Needless to say, the car flooring gets a lot of wear and ink deposits on the mats. The standard mats which come with my company cars never seem to hold up, and are usually destroyed from ink or extreme ware before the car is ready to be traded. When I got my current car I wanted some mats that would hold up and not get destroyed so soon; plus I wanted something that looked good & could be easily cleaned. I found that in my WeatherTech mats. I was so impressed shortly after they were installed, I ordered a set for my cherished 20 year old, and I still call her my baby, 1989 Suburban. I would highly recommend this product, and plan to make future purchases on my next company car.

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2000 Toyota Celica

My son was trashing the carpeted floor mats in my baby with his various (muddy) sports activities so I ordered a set of WT mats and was impressed by their quality and fit. Recently, I decided to trade it in for a newer car. You won't believe this, but I actually got additional value for my trade in for 2 things; a new set of tires and the WT mats. I was pleasantly surprised by that. Even the sales manager recognized the quality of your mats!

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2005 Buick Rendezvous

A picture is worth 1000 words!! Cental New York winter weather is cold, wet, and MESSY! We bought these mats last year for our Ford Explorer. My husband gave me my fantastic All Weather Car Mats for Christmas to protect my pretty Rendezvous. It was a very appreciated thoughtful this economy, I'll be taking care of my car and hopefully keeping it around for years. I love protecting the carpet and floors from all the melting snow and ice and salt and sand that this winter has brought. They fit great and look great! We love your product!

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2009 Chevrolet Malibu

I took delivery of my new Chevy Malibu just as our Minnesota winter was beginning in earnest in December. Before driving it around the block, I installed my All-Weather Floor Mats to protect my beautiful new car from the ice, snow and salt which are an every day occurrence for us until about April! I wouldn't be without these fantastic floor mats and there are none that equal them!

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2008 Saturn Aura

its the perfect floor mat since we get may variables of weather here in Rochester including snow... this product should be the staple for many automobile owners here in Rochester... why not promote your products more aggressively via website , dealerships and local media? Very easy to clean and very useful for all seasons!

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2009 Cadillac Escalade

I was going to trade in my van and had been waiting for the new Cadillac Escalade Hybrid to come out. I ordered it in May and finally got word in the middle of September that it was on its way. I knew I wanted floor liners and a cargo liner because I have three boys and I knew what had happened to my minivan. I did a lot of internet research and decided on WeatherTech because they were custom fit, waterproof, and had that extended edge to cover as much of the carpet as possible. I ordered my mats and it actually beat my car here. The first thing I did upon arriving home was to install them in my car. Then I went to pick up my sons from school. One was real excited about the new car and he proceded to baptize it by spilling his juice. No problem, it was all contained in the second row floor mat (saved his life). The next day I went to the market, loaded up, got home and saw that the raw chicken tray I had bought from Sam's Club and leaked its juices all over the cargo liner. No problem, just wiped it up. After much deliberation, I decided to cut the cargo liner to install one of the third row seats. The markings were perfect, it was very easy to cut, and everything went well. I am really glad that I went with WeatherTech. The grass and dirt from their shoes I just shake out and it is part of their chores to wipe it down every weekend. Now if WeatherTech only made seat covers!

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2008 Toyota 4Runner

I received the mats promptly. They fit perfectly, look like they belong in the vehicle and are very functional. They are a good value--I highly recommend them.

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 1997 Dodge Ram Truck (DEFUNCT)

Bought a set of grey mats when truck was new, 170K miles later a need a new set. Darn, the 10 year warranty just ran out last year. Should have checked them out sooner....LOL Great product!

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2005 Toyota Highlander

I am a student at the University of Kentucky and when I am not in school my time is spent teaching horse back riding lessons and riding. I own a 2 yr old Lab mix named Rondax that travels everywhere with me and by the end of the day both of us are pretty dirty. Between dirty boots, dirty paws and dirty horse equipment, my vehicle usually looks like something 'Pig Pen' would drive on Charlie Brown. My Dad recently purchased the All-Weather floor mats for my car and now my car doesn't look like a rolling dust bunny. Rondax has a nice place to lay in the back where the cargo mat catches any type of dirt he may have found that day and I don't have to worry about where I put my boots on the mats because as my Dad said, "You'll have to try to mess up the carpets with these mats in!" These mats are awesome and fit perfectly with my messy lifestyle! Thanks for making these great accessories!

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2008 Saturn Outlook

I have four kids and an afterschool carpool adding two tech is saving my car!! These floor mats are my salvation from soccer practices, french fries, and anything that should not make it into my car... but somehow always does. We ordered an extra set of mats to place between my 2nd row captains chairs! These are amazing, match perfect, and save my carpet! Thanks weathertech, my car is clean, my carpet is not sticky, and now, sometimes, I can even hear myself think.

Anonymous Testimonial

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2005 Land Rover / Range Rover Range Rover

Weathertech designs and produces products in my opinion superior to factory accessories, my satisfaction with your products and experience has always been phenominal! I have ordered mats and cargo liners almost all of my vehicles over the last five years. Weather Tech has supplied products for three full size SUV's, my three series BMW, two current Porsches, (My wifes Cayman and my Carrera) when you could not find these products from the dealer! I would highly recommend and do recommend Weathertech to all friends and family who care for their vehicles!

Extremely pleased...!

Name: George A Wolfe
Vehicle: 2018 Infiniti Q50

In that Weathertech did not have a custom order pre-fit all-weather floor mat for our new 2018 Infinity Q50S, I took a risk and ordered the all-weather floor mat classified for our vehicle but requiring scissor cutting to custom fit. I found the directions for cutting and the process very simple and straightforward. We are extremely pleased with the results and the quality product. 

Support that elevated one of my favorite brands

Name: John Walker
Vehicle: 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class

We have been buying full sets of Weathertech mats (cars) or floor liners (Suburbans) for several years now. I never had an issue with any of the products. One of the snaps broke on the driver side front mat in the Mercedes. I hoped I could buy a new replacement snap. I contacted customer care through the web site and quickly a new set of front mats showed up. That is customer care at it's finest. I was already a great fan because (A) Weathertech proudly boasts Made In The USA and their American workforce and (B) Provides custom mats for every vehicle I have ever tried to get mats for. Now I can add (C) Weathertech stands behind their product quality and will replace it if it breaks. Thanks to Marc for taking care of me.

Fantastic Mats

Name: George Fitton
Vehicle: 2016 Cadillac SRX

Added floor and cargo mats. Looks great and offers fantastic protection. Would always purchase again if I buy another car.

Only the Best will do!

Name: Thomas E Porter
Vehicle: 2008 Lexus LX

I have purchased 3 or more tasered trunk liners, or floor mats. They have served me well. Some have been for my personal Lexus 350, my sons Lexus 470 and a friends 350. They were extremely happy to received them as gifts. I will look to WT for any additional needs.

Worth the money

Vehicle: 2019 Kia Sportage

My vehicle is leased so I want to keep it neat and clean. We are having ugly weather this winter so my mats came just in time for my new car. They fit perfectly and look great.

Love My Mats!

Name: Lisa Young
Vehicle: 2017 Jeep Cherokee

I love these mats. I got the front and back floor mats and cargo liner. They fit perfectly. They are great for all the snow and wet weather we have been having.

Great gift!

Name: Morgan Mowins
Vehicle: 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I bought the front all weather floor mats as a gift for a family member. He loved them and they fit perfectly!

awesome mats

Name: Larry Vaught
Vehicle: 2015 Honda CR-V

Mats fit like a glove. Installs almost instantly. Awesome color and ease of fit!

New floor mats from WeatherTech!

Name: R. Horton
Vehicle: 2017 Lexus RX

The best choice for drivers who want the most protection for their vehicle’s carpets that provide edge-to-edge coverage for your automobile's foot wells. No matter what the weather is outside, you can feel confident that these floor liners will protect your automobiles carpets from water, dirt and other messy things that can get tracked into the vehicle or spilled onto the floor. Simply the best purchase you can make for your automobile!

Great looking mats!

Name: Richard Tisza
Vehicle: 2019 Kia Sorento

The went in quickly and fit perfectly, plus they look good, Everything was covered not like the generic mats. I really liked that they locked in with the factory lock points.

Best Xmas Gift ever

Name: Marge Tkaczyszyn
Vehicle: 2015 GMC Terrain / Terrain Denali

Instead of spending lots of money on unwanted, unused items for each other, we treated ourselves to custom floor mats and trunk liner for our Terrain. Best gift ever. Saves on wear and tear and easy to clean especially in the winter in New Jersey with the "salt" and dirt in winter months.