CargoTech® Testimonials

Works Great

Name: Lisa

Great product. I was getting aggravated with stuff always rustling around my trunk, so I decided to get this product and couldn't be happier. I've hauled around everything from home goods to sports equipment to soccer game-day essentials and the CargoTech has yet to disappoint. Strongly suggest purchasing this product, if like me, you are tired of your valuables sliding around your trunk even after being secured.

Keeping it Contained

Name: Anthony D

Never do I have to worry about things spilling, sliding around or breaking when they are secured with my CargoTech. My commute takes me on some rough Jersey roads, so I'm always relying on the CargoTech to keep things fastened and secure in the back. Really happy with this product. Totally worth it.

Ditch the Cargo Net

Name: Beth S.

Absolutely love this product. It's simple, yet extremely reliable when hauling around fragile goods or anything that has a tendency to bounce around the cargo area of my SUV. I've been let down one too many times by my cargo net, so I stumbled upon this product when ordering my FloorLiners and was immediately intrigued. Highly recommend this to anyone needing a simple solution to containing groceries, fragile items and much more.

Keeps things Secure!

Name: Robert Zell

I bought a set of these for my wife's Ford Edge. I keep a milk crate anchored inside of them. In having used these for a year or better, I can say truthfully that NOTHING slides around once anchored in these. They are completely adjustable since all 4 corners conform to whatever you want to stay put. Extremely handy for returning and picking up propane cylinders. Works great with the WeatherTech trunk/cargo liner mat.

Clever problem-solver!!! Awesome!!

Name: Anonymous

Your pictures look like an inventory of the things I carry! Got two sets -- one for my new SUV and one for the trunk of my husband's sedan. Just great for groceries and for things like cakes, coolers, pans bowls of food, etc. I have one of those rectangular storage things for small things, but love the way these adapt to big things like a half sheet cake or things with irregular shapes. What a clever problem-solver!

Keeps Groceries in Place

Name: Anonymous

I put a CargoTech in the trunk of my Mustang GT with the idea of protecting it from possible spills from groceries. It fit perfectly and looks very good, and it has a relatively non-slip surface so groceries tend not to fly around like they do on trunk carpet. It's also nice to have the reassurance that if a mishap did happen, it would be contained on the moisture-proof CargoTech. (I have a friend that had a gallon container of milk rupture on her trunk carpet and it was a nightmare to get out the smell of sour milk.) Highly recommended!

Best cargo containment system

Name: Gina Senn

We traveled for our job for several years and tried multiple systems to keep our cargo in place. NOTHING worked. We saw these at a car delership and figured we’d give it a try. I was VERY skeptical. However I was blown away by their performance! So easy to move around as our cargo changed. Kept every single thing in place whether the load was light or super heavy. So versatile. It holds and cargo of and shape or size. We even hold 5 gallon bottles of water in place easily. They have NEVER failed!

I'm buying four more!

Name: Joan Thomas

I love the CargoTech system so much I'm buying four more as gifts! I've always kept a box of reusable bags for shopping in my trunk. The box would thunk from one side to the other while I was driving, which was annoying. When I bought my new Mazda CX-5 I bought the cargo liner to keep it clean and decided to get the cargo containment system also. It works so well! Even oddball shaped packages are held in place during my travels. It's so easy to just pull out a corner and add more bags or whatever, set the corner in place and go!

Must buy

Name: RP from Seattle

I bought one of these since I carry soccer gear and and other small stuff including grocery bags. It keeps bags upright and prevents stuff from rolling as I drive uphill. My wife was very impressed when it held her laptop bag upright during our uphill drive home. Which means I'm ordering another one now since it has left my car and already in my wife's Q5.

Works Great

Name: Elroy Buckingham

I use my cargo containment to hold my 3 ball bowling bag, 3 balls 15lbs each plus shoes. You do the math of the weight, and it doesn't move.

again, another win!

Name: Chris Mayer

After the success of the trunk liner, I got these containment units and they work GREAT! Nothing moves at all! I will be equipping my car with Weathertech floor mats when resources allow!. Thanks guys!