Cargo/Trunk Liner Testimonials

Thank you Weathertech!

Name: Lori Galloway
Vehicle: 2018 Ford Escape

Bought several products from Weathertech not disappointed at all. Called customer service with a question and I have to say you don't get that kind of service anymore. Thank you weathertech!

Amazing Product

Name: Omar Nieves
Vehicle: 2016 Audi A3

I am amazed of the perfect fit of this product very good material and quality, it will protect the stock fabric and I have no more worries loading and unloading, fast shipping and great customer service.

Needles Everywhere!

Name: Lauren M.
Vehicle: 2013 Volkswagen Jetta / GLI

NEEDLEss to say that wreathes look pretty, but they make a huge mess! Thankfully I can easily take out my cargo liner and shake off the mess.

Perfect Fit

Name: Kaya
Vehicle: 2016 Cadillac Escalade ESV

Got a Cargo Liner w/Bumper Protector. It's a perfect fit.

Superior Protection

Name: Al T.
Vehicle: 2016 Land Rover / Range Rover Range Rover Sport

Were it not for my WeatherTech cargo liner, the back of my Range Rover would be trashed by my German Shepherd "Bear". Above all, the liner is very easy to clean... much easier than having to shampoo my cargo area. Really happy with this product.

Christmas tree + Cargo Liner = Happy WeatherTech Customer

Name: Sean V.
Vehicle: 2014 Dodge Durango

What happens when the wife insists on getting a real tree for Christmas? Tons of tiny pine needles EVERYWHERE! I’m so happy I have WeatherTech. All I had to do was shake off the Cargo Liner and no more needles!

Name: Jerry Soloman
Vehicle: 2006 Cadillac SRX

My name is Jerry Soloman and I live in Florida. I purchased a WeatherTech Cargo Liner for my 2006 Cadillac SRX. It has really spared my carpet from wear and tear and looks great! I am writing to tell you not only is the liner a wonderful addition to my vehicle, it also took the fancy of my 9-month-old grandson, Levi, who along with his Mom was visiting my wife and me. He spent over 30 minutes playing and crawling on it. He loved it! Not only is the WeatherTech Cargo Liner a savior for the vehicle, it gets two thumbs up from Levi as well!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2007 Toyota Prius

I bought my Prius in 2007 and was disappointed that Toyota didn't make a cargo liner that fit my new car. At that time I searched the web and I was still not able to find a liner that fit. Three years later, I finally found Weather Tech. I ordered the cargo mat & it was shipped to me in 3 days. I love it. Now I can put my golf clubs and/or bike wheels in the cargo area without damaging my carpet. I would highly recommend Weather Tech.

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2009 Toyota RAV4

We just purchased a new vehicle and wanted to keep cargo area clean. Our previous experience with a small crossover showed us that we load anything and everything back there. Within the first few of weeks we had a bad water leak in a container we were moving. That would have normally soaked the entire area but with the Cargo Liner it ended up as only a minor annoyance. No water made it too the carpet. Its a just great product that's well built, looks good, and does what it's supposed to do. Thanks!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2009 Toyota Venza

This is my 2nd Cargo Liner purchase and the fit is exact. The only thing that at first didn't seem right was the color. I ordered mine in tan and the color match wasn't all that close to that of my car's interior. It seems as though each car manufacturer has a different color for tan. But, after a day or so, I actually appreciate the color contrast and it looks classier to me. The durability is first class. I will never own a vehicle and not put a Weather Tech Cargo Liner in it.

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2009 GMC Acadia / Acadia Denali

As we travel from our Home in CA to work on our someday new Home in AZ. The baby bird, Sun Conure, Poncho along with our Bird Dog, Sadie, the English Springer goes along. Our new WeatherTech Cargo liner keeps the fur & feathers contained & eases the clean-up of the birdie poo-poo. It's Great!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2005 Audi Allroad Quattro

I can't imagine not having a weatherTech cargo liner in the back of my allroad. It keeps the melting snow from our ski boots and the water from my waders and wading boots from ruining my carpet. Recently I was transporting a case of wine to a wedding, when the box tipped over breaking one of the bottles. If I didn't have the cargo liner, it would have definitely ruined the carpet. Thanks WeatherTech for making a product that not only functions well but looks great at the same time.

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2004 Toyota Sienna

Have you ever seen a muddy Newfoundland? Well just in case you haven't, we are talking about the messiest yuchy pup you've ever laid eyes on - And the smell is even worse! So imagine how thrilled we were to receive our cargo liner the day we had plans to visit the local dog park - Two days after the blizzard thaw! Covered head-to-toe in mud, me, hubbie, 4 year old Gianna and Oscar the Newfoundland treked back to the van - What could we do except just let him jump in the back and hope for the best - Well - That new WeatherTech cargo liner really saved the day- And our car!! Easy to clean and not slippery (Oscar wasn't slip-sliding around) Next - We're ready for the beach!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2008 Honda Pilot

I love my cargo liner! When I first got my Pilot I had the cargo area constantly covered in old bedspreads and drop cloths. And since we live near the beach, I had to constantly shake them out and then vacuum. Now spring projects and the upcoming beach season will be a breeze or, more precisely, a quick swipe with a whisk broom. I have never owned a vehicle this nice and my WeatherTech Cargo Liner will help me keep it looking like new!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2008 Saturn Astra

My Astra was extremely envious of my husbands Ford Edge. After all, the Edge had the cargo liner WAY before it was available for the Saturn Astra. Still I bade my time and finally, miraculously I spotted it on-line. I eagerly awaited the arrival, like that of our first born and then it arrived. So beautiful, so smooth, so flawless so full of possibilities! It fits like a glove and the joy it has brought is indescribable. My one should be without one.

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2008 Ford Edge

Our dogs always travel with us. Your cargo liner was made to fit perfectly to our Ford Edge. It has saved the interior from muddy feet and wet dogs! Thanks for a great product that is so easy to keep clean, doesn't move out of place, bunch up or flip over. It isn't often you find such a great product at a reasonable price. Congratulations!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2007 Toyota Sequoia

We are long time customers of Weathertech. Last year when I bot a new SUV, the first thing I did when I got home was go on line and order my floor mats and cargo liner. With the third row seat out and the liner in, I can put any thing back there without worrying about ruining the carpet. Even if something spills, the wide lip all the way around it contains the spill. I recently had my vehicle detailed by a young man who also has an SUV. He went crazy over my mats and liner and now he too is a Weather Techer!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2009 Honda Accord

My wife's only prerequisite for a new car is that it have a HUGE trunk, which she fills with junk, some of which always seems to spill. Our previous cars have been used vehicles - not worthy of your products, but when we purchased our '09 Honda, I immediately ordered the appropriate floor mats and trunk liner. I knew I would love them, but I had no idea how much my wife would love them. She says she likes the "clean look" the liner provides, and we are JUNK FREE. I thought I would get to use the trunk now, but lately, she's been talking about going shopping, because we will have room for so many more presents this Christmas. Thanks a lot!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2008 Honda CR-V

There is NO reason to buy a manufacturer cargo liner when you can get one from MacNeil (Weathertech). It fits PERFECTLY and is tacky (sticky) enough to keep cargo from sliding around but not so much that you can't get move your luggage/cargo around easily. When my girlfriend bought her '09 Civic the first thing we did was get her a cargo liner and a full set of floor liners.

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2008 Saturn Vue

I'm a very day driver, and knew when I got my 08 VUE I was going to have get some floor and cargo covering. I had purchased WeatherTech before, so I look no futher. The product is a perfect fit and looks great. I'll be back...

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe

I just traded in my 1996 Tahoe for a new 2008 Z71 Tahoe. My old vehicle had badly stained front and rear carpets from years of neglect. The first thing I did was order a cargo liner and front floor mats. I was pleased with the quality of both products and appreciate that they are made in the USA. They fit perfectly and look like they were a factory installation.

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2008 Ford Edge

I have just purchased a new Ford Edge and wanted to protect a couple of area, for long term usage! Needed a Cargo liner for the back and also a bug deflector for the nose of the car. Looked @ accessories from Ford and also went on line for other options. Found your website and a couple of others, but after looking at the pricing, decided to go with WeatherTech! What a GREAT FIND!! Pricing was best, shipment of products was fast, and installation was a breeze! Even the bug deflector was super simple to install!!!! I will be watching for other options to add to my Edge, from WeatherTech, as they come available! Thanks so much for an awesome experience, for the first time out! Barb Allwardt

5 Gallon Bucket of spilt water!

Name: Kyle Hunter
Vehicle: 2018 Chevrolet Suburban

We regularly transport 5 gallon buckets of water. Today one tipped over and hit the lid just right to pop it off. Not a small gap with a slow flow. But the entire 5 gallons in the matter of seconds. The mat caught every drop and because of the three interior sides being taller then the side by the tailgate it diverted all the water out the closed tailgate. Could not have asked for better performance. Worth every $0.01 just from this one event. I was moving the rest of the buckets and lifting the mat to feel and look underneath in disbelief that none of the water made it outside the mat.

Excellent Product

Name: Linda Phillips
Vehicle: 2018 Toyota RAV4

I was so satisfied with my floor liners, I ordered the Cargo Liner for my 2018 RAV4. Perfect fit. I will be ordering the set for my husband's 2009 RAV4. I give both products 5 stars.

2 Liter Bottle of Shampoo Spill

Name: Shirley Dettloff
Vehicle: 2017 Chevrolet Traverse

I got in my car yesterday and could not figure out why my car smelled so good, only to realize I had a bottle of shampoo and conditioner in the back of my car. Thank goodness for my WeatherTech Cargo Liner to save the day. It caught all of the shampoo so my carpet was not ruined. Thank God for WeatherTech.

Great Product

Name: Brian G
Vehicle: 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee

This is a great product that fits perfectly in my Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. The only issue I have is that I wish I would have purchased a long time ago. I've purchased many other things from Weathertech and have been pleased with all of them. Great stuff!!!

Durable and excellent fitting cargo trunk liner

Name: Tracey
Vehicle: 2018 Honda Civic

I love my new cargo liner! The fit is wonderful. I also got the bumper guard because i haul dirt in buckets and also will throw my bike in the back. I am very glad i did get the bumper guard rather than throw a blanket there every time. It also rolls up and attaches to velcro which is a good idea. Can't wait to use it!


Name: Bob Holley
Vehicle: 2007 Ford Escape

Got the cargo liner for our 2007 Ford Escape, and it fit perfectly, with just enough clearance on the edges to have it fit nicely. Looks nice back there as well.

I won't have a car without these!

Name: Judy McNelly
Vehicle: 2018 Lincoln MKC

I just bought my Lincoln and I am already buying my Weather Techs. I swear by these, and this is my 5th car with Weather Tech. I will never own a vehicle without these, and the price is reasonable. Great job Weather Tech!

Fits Like A Glove!

Name: Richard Thomasson
Vehicle: 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

I purchased my 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid in May of 2017 and had been patiently waiting for WeatherTech to produce a cargo liner for my vehicle. Finally, in December of 2017 they became available and am I ever glad that I decided to wait. The liner fits the cargo area just like a glove. It is thick, rolled around the edges and does exactly what it is suppose to do. Now I don't have to worry about the carpet getting soiled or trying to vacuum the carpet, which was difficult. The WeatherTech liner is sooo easy to vacuum and clean. A perfect fits that functions perfectly and looks really good too!