BumpStep®XL Testimonials

Absorbed the Impact

Name: Dan H.
Vehicle: 2015 Jeep Wrangler

After being in a car accident, I was thankful for having a BumpStepXL on my Jeep. The BumpStep took most of the hit and the spare tire took the rest. I am confident that without the BumpStep absorbing the impact, my spare tire and rear window would have been damaged.

My Christmas Present

Vehicle: 2016 Ford F-150

Santa gave me just what I wanted! Looks great. Works great.

A must have for your SUV!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I originally purchased the regular BumpStep. After being rear-ended in NYC traffic, it absorbed the hit and saved my bumper; I then upgraded to the BumpStep XL. A few days ago, I was rear-ended again in NYC traffic and the BumpStep XL prevented my Jeep from severe damage by taking majority of the hit. My bumper had a few scuffs because the other car was an SUV but if it wasn't for the BumpStep XL, the other persons insurance would be shelling out big time for my repairs. Thank you WeatherTech! Please make an XL version of the Billet BumpStep!