BumpStep® Testimonials

MY 6 day old grandson slept thru the hit from the rear

Name: Barbara Pedevillano
Vehicle: 2013 Ford Explorer

I was taking my daughter and 6 day old grandson to the doctors for followups. While sitting at a stop light I was rear ended by driver behind me. I definitely felt the impact but it was absorbed mostly by the bumper guard. When i got out to examine the damage there was no damage to my bumper (although she did break the bumper guard in 2 when she hit me) and it was in her front grill. My daughter said the baby never opened his eyes - he slept thru the whole thing. Had the police and EMT's respond they checked my grandson out and said he was fine. Thanks WeatherTech I am not only going to replace this damaged one but buying one for my daughters car and the nannies car.

BumpStep 1, Toyota 0.

Name: Ari Cantor
Vehicle: 2015 Ford F-150

Just saved my business a few grand in repair bills. Best investment ever. Thanks!

BumpStep saved my truck twice!

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2017 Ford F-150

The Bump Step saved my truck twice now. I was hit from behind at a red light yesterday. The guy hit me hard enough to imprint his license plate number into the plastic. Absolutely no damage, scratches, scrapes, or dents to the truck. Further, the bump step still looks decent. Great product. Great design. Keep up the good work.

Bump Step Sacrifices to save our 4Runner

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2016 Toyota 4Runner

Just 3 weeks after purchasing our new 4Runner, of which we fully outfitted with floor liners, cargo liner with the protective flap & Bump Step, my wife was rear ended and pushed into another vehicle. The Bump Step made a sacrifice for her. It prevented substantial damage to her brand new 4Runner and punctured the radiator of his vehicle and it had to be towed away. While at the DR. getting checked out she was explaining the accident to the nurse and said that her Bump Step had helped prevent damage. The nurse asked where she could get one as well. We not only use and love WeatherTech products, we sell them too. Thank you Bump Step & WeatherTech

Rear Ended

Name: Michael Dougherty
Vehicle: 2014 Honda Ridgeline

Just received a call from my wife that while she was on her way to the horse farm to take care of her horse a car stopped short in front of her. She was able to stop before hitting that car; however, the car behind her did hit her truck. The BumpStep took the full force of the impact. Her truck is fine which saves us any cost of repairs. I only need to replace the BumpStep. A great product!

Rear ended protection

Name: Bob Yagle
Vehicle: 2013 Ford Expedition / Expedition EL

Driving through Chattanooga, TN I was rear ended by an F-350 truck - no damage to my vehicle but considerable damage to the trucks front bumper. Bump Step really proved it's worth. I highly recommend it. Great product!!!!!

Saved the vehicle when we were rear-ended

Name: D Columbus
Vehicle: 2012 Toyota RAV4

We installed the bumpstep to protect our Rav4 since the rear tire and cover extend beyond the rear bumper. Yesterday we got stuck behind a stalled hotrod. As we went around the hotrod and stopped at the nearby intersection to turn, the hotrod started racing his engine and then rear-ended us! When I got out to check the damage, the hotrod driver backed up and I could see substantial damage to his custom racing front bumper. He looked around nervously, then started spinning his tires, making a quick getaway U-turn. When I checked for the damage to our Rav, the vehicle was fine! The Bumpstep was broken sideways and will need to be replaced, but it was still there. Another driver witnessed this event and stopped to see if we were ok. He asked about damage and I told him how the bump step protected us. I didn't call the police, but found an officer around the corner and he was impressed with the performance of the Bumpstep also. Even though this was not the reason for buying the Bumpstep, it sure saved us a lot of trouble and expense from someone else's mistake. Great cheap insurance !

Bump Step saves my car!

Name: Shaunna Davis
Vehicle: 2012 Nissan Armada

So my husband bought me the bump-step for my hitch sort of as a joke for Christmas. I had to keep a stool in the back of the Armada because I couldn't reach the groceries to unload them after I put them in. I also couldn't get in the back if I wanted to. #shortgirlproblem Today this joke saved my car from damage after someone rear ended me at a light. They hit the bumpstep and because it is a strong composite material, there was no damage to my car or theirs! We have bought many things from you guys and have loved them all, but I think I might love this step the most! Thanks for making great products!

Saved the bumper

Name: Rich West
Vehicle: 2012 Honda Pilot

My wife was rear ended. I was distressed until she got back and saw that only the bump step was damaged. I can't say the same for the other vehicle. I will be buying another one to replace it

1st REAR END accident w/o Bump Step $1300 Damage

Name: John McCann
Vehicle: 2010 Ford Expedition / Expedition EL

Last Friday someone else rear ended my car. This time they broke the bumper step clear off the vehicle but there was NO damage at all. GREAT PRODUCT.

Prevented rear-ended bumper damage as advertised.

Name: Eric R L
Vehicle: 2015 Nissan Frontier

On 7/3/2015 at 8:54am, my brand new Nissan Frontier was rear-ended by a dodge Magnum at a STOP sign. I was impressed that only the Patented BumpStep was destroyed and my chromed bumper was not even scratched. Thank You Weathertech. The offending drivers insurance company replaced my beloved BumpStep

Saved by my BumpStep

Name: Beverly Gettling
Vehicle: 2011 Chevrolet Silverado

I was backing up just a little to readjust my pickup in a parking space and a car whipped around so fast I didn't have a chance to see it . As it went by it hit my BumpStep and broke it off. The BumpStep was ruined but the car had a little dent in the running board. Not much of a repair at all. It sure could have done a lot more damage if the BumpStep wasn't there.

Functional with Protection

Name: Brian Kamens
Vehicle: 2015 Nissan Pathfinder

I use the BumpStep every time I wash my vehicle. I also like the premise of it being a first line defender of the bumper. While I don't look forward to another vehicle damaging my bumpstep; I at least like that there is a chance that my Pathfinder will be protected. It is very practical gear for your tow hitch when you are not towing anything. I recommend this product!

Paid for itself in one week!

Name: Morrow Cummings
Vehicle: 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser

I saw  BumpStep on TV and thought it was a good idea. After all, my SUV has a spare tire (which could crush the cargo door) and the tv camera, I had it a week and got rear-ended! $2,000 damage to the front end of a Honda Accord and ZERO damage to my car!

The Bumpstep not only minmalized damage but also Minimized the injuries....

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2007 Ford F-150

I wanted to take the time to thank you all at Weathertech. Please allow me to explain. I am a longtime customer I have your Weathertech mats which are absolutely priceless. But what I am writing about is the BumpStep. I was in a rear collision full size truck to truck wreck. I had my Bumpstep on my hitch thank God, because the Bumpstep saved the damage to my truck the medical doctor expressed in his opinion that it reduced my injuries. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will be buying another.

Rear end collision

Name: Anonymous
Vehicle: 2015 Honda Pilot

I did a very quick stop and the two cars behind me did not stop in time. The third car hit the one behind me and pushed that car into mine. I took a hard hit. When I surveyed the damage the bumpstep was broken in half but had completely saved my car from any damage. It could not have worked any better.