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Which License Plate Frame is Right for You?

With a wide variety of license plate protection solutions available on the market, choosing the right one for your vehicle can be a challenge. Vehicle owners should consider style, materials and level of protection when selecting the right license plate frame for their vehicle. In this article, we will discuss the features and benefits of each WeatherTech license plate frame.

Billet Plate Frame installed on a Mustang.

ClearCover® and ClearFrame

If you are looking for a license plate frame with an added level of surface protection, look no further! The WeatherTech ClearCover license plate frame provides an enhanced level of license plate protection. The ClearCover’s Multi-Flex gasket and virtually indestructible clear acrylic lens provides an exceptional level of protection against moisture, ultra violet rays, dirt and other hazards. Installing the ClearCover on your vehicle is a breeze and comes complete with a stainless steel hardware kit and Click and Stay® screw caps. WeatherTech ClearCover plate frames are available in seventeen colors.

Orange WeatherTech ClearCover License Plate Frame.
Close up of a red WeatherTech ClearFrame License Plate Frame.


The WeatherTech BumpFrame is a uniquely designed license plate frame that provides an extra level of protection against bumps, parking mishaps or other dangers that could damage your vehicles bumper. This heavy-duty plate frame is manufactured using a soft bumper material that is molded over a virtually unbreakable high impact polycarbonate frame. Not just for protection, the BumpFrame features an attractive black satin textured finish to provide a clean appearance for your license plate mounting area.

WeatherTech BumpFrame installed on a vehicle.

Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame

WeatherTech teamed up with Riley Technologies, racing's most winning chassis builder, to create the lightest and toughest license plate frame around. Manufactured using 3K Carbon Fiber Material (Graphite) paired with precision lamination and machining process, this carbon fiber plate frame is perfect for any performance and style aficionado.

Carbon Fiber frame installed on a vehicle.

WeatherTech offers a variety of options for auto enthusiasts looking to add some metal to their license plate mounting area. The WeatherTech StainlessFrame is a highly polished solid Stainless Steel License Plate Frame, engineered for ultimate vehicle protection and license plate support. Manufactured from highly polished T-304 Stainless Steel, this license plate will surely make a statement on any car you own.

Stainless steel frame installed on a vehicle.

If you want the finest billet license plate frame on the planet, and you want one made right here in America, look no further. WeatherTech Billet License Plate Frames are made one at a time right in the WeatherTech tooling factory in Bolingbrook, IL. Each plate frame is carefully machined using American-made CNC machinery and American raw materials. These solid billet license plate frames for car collectors or for true car enthusiasts only.

Billet Frame installed on a motorcycle.

If you recently purchased a luxury vehicle and are looking for the pinnacle of license plate protection, the WeatherTech Titanium License Plate Frame is the perfect addition. This 100% solid titanium license plate frame is corrosion and weather resistant and is certainly an engaging statement piece for any vehicle. Made in our American factory, by American workers, on American machines, from American titanium, it’s a must for any collector or luxury car enthusiast.

Titanium Plate Frame installed on an Ashton Martin.

WeatherTech manufactures a license plate frame for nearly every type of vehicle owner on the road. Which WeatherTech License Plate Frame is right for you?