WeatherTech PurseTray 

Surface Protection for your Personal Items

Are you hesitant to set your purse down when you are out and about? If you are out at a restaurant, movie theater, ballpark or stadium, is it in the back of your mind that the ground may be dirty or full of sticky food or drink spills? The best way to protect your purse on the go is with the WeatherTech PurseTray. Shield your personal items from dirt, germs, and moisture. 
The WeatherTech PurseTray protects your purse, wallet or any other personal item from dirt, moisture and surface germs that may compromise the appearance and cleanliness of your personal accessories. This item is perfect for sitting in the bleachers at your local sporting events, meetings at the office and public restrooms. In just seconds, the 8" x 13" mat folds open and allows your personal item to rest on top, shielding them from unwanted germs and messes. No more juggling items in your arms just to keep them protected! It comes in a convenient carrying case too that is easy to keep in your purse wherever you travel. It will be ready whenever you need it!
PurseTray also works great in your bathroom. Its silicone construction can protect your sink from a heated curling iron or straightener. 
Moms - the PurseTray is perfect for you to keep in your diaper bag too. Use it as a clean mat for your kids’ snacks or toys when you’re out to eat. Set your diaper bag on it when you’re on the move and have to stop for a diaper change. There are endless uses for PurseTray!
What Makes the PurseTray So Great: 
Easy solution to protect your purse or other items from dirt, moisture and germs
Unfolds in just seconds for convenience in any situation
Perfect as a seat protector at a sporting event, or on a wet surface such as a bench or grass
Use PurseTray as a snack mat for small children
Quickly folds back up using specially designed side tabs that prevent you from coming into contact with grime & germs on the underside of the PurseTray
Storage case safely secures the PurseTray until next use or cleaning
Easily cleaned so you can reuse over and over
Large 8" x 13" size with 1/2" tall sides for added protection from splashes
PurseTray and sealable storage case are 100% Made in the USA.
The PurseTray is a great product for women on the go who always carry a purse. It also makes it easy to keep hobby, housework, home-improvement and other nasty messes contained as you get stuff done.