Under Seat Storage System for Trucks

Laser-measured and custom-fit to the exact make and model of your truck.

Have you ever thought, "How can I safely store all my truck’s essentials so they aren’t left out in the open?" Do you feel uneasy when your vehicle is unorganized or cluttered with junk? Well, now you can keep your truck organized and clutter-free with WeatherTech’s one-of-a-kind Under Seat Storage System. This storage system is the easiest to install and custom truck storage solution available! 

WeatherTech UnderSeat Storage System with tools stored inside.

The back of your truck can get messy and unorganized fast if you don’t often have passengers back there. Objects rolling around and left out in the open can put you at risk of theft. Keep everything contained and out of sight with the WeatherTech Under Seat Storage System! It is a custom-fit pickup truck storage bin that fits underneath your rear seat to keep all of your essentials organized. 
The Under Seat Storage System works great for the fisherman going out for a long weekend, the handyman to put his extra tools in when there’s no room in the back seat, or hunters that don’t want to store their expensive gear on the floor of their vehicle. It is convenient for the everyday driver too. This American made product can be utilized for more space to store your emergency kit or an extra pair of hiking boots in your vehicle. The Under Seat Storage is here to keep your backseat looking nice and neat. 
 Close up of WeatherTech UnderSeat Storage system.
Made from a 100% recyclable and odorless thermoplastic elastomer; Under Seat Storage System is durable and chemical resistant. Custom-fit for each application, Under Seat Storage System securely fits the exact contours of each vehicle, and will not crack, break or warp in even the most extreme temperatures.
What Makes the Under Storage System So Great: 
Easiest to install truck storage - PERIOD!
Laser measured and custom fit to the exact make and model.
No tools, drilling or hazardous chemicals required for installation.
"Soft touch" 100% recyclable, chemical resistant, and odorless material.
Will not break down, crack, break or warp.
Built in dividers help keep your cargo organized. 
WeatherTech UnderSeat Storage System with tools stored inside.
Installation takes only minutes without the need for drilling or use of chemical applications. Under Seat Storage System is secured to your truck with a simple buckle and strap that allows for an effortless installation and the ability to easily remove the storage system if necessary. This storage system is perfect for anyone who wants to be organized, clutter-free, and wants to protect their investment.
The Under Seat Storage System is available for select truck makes/models, but we are regularly adding new makes/models. If it is not available for your truck yet, please use our New Product Updates Form so that you can be notified if/when it becomes available for your vehicle.