Top 5 TechCare Detailing Products

Keeping the inside of your vehicle cleaned and maintained is an important part of the overall upkeep of any vehicle. Whether you are a professional or at-home enthusiast, WeatherTech’s TechCare line of vehicle detailing products gives you the ability to quickly, easily and effectively clean and protect every part of your vehicle’s interior. Here’s a list of the Top 5 products you can use to keep your vehicle’s interior shining like new.

Leather Conditioner with Aloe Vera:

TechCare Leather Conditioner deep cleans automotive leather surfaces and provides protection against UV radiation.
Gentle on your vehicle’s leather, but tough on dirt and grime. This long-lasting leather conditioner removes dirt, dust and other stains from your leather surfaces and moisturizes at the same time. Spot and stain blockers keep your leather clean, and the moisturizers with UVA and UVB protection guard against cracking and sun damage. It keeps your automotive leather looking like new!

Interior Detailer

Interior Detailer cleans just about any interior automotive surface.
Formulated with a neutral pH, Interior Detailer easily cleans virtually any interior automotive surface: plastic, vinyl, painted metal, chrome and even fabrics. Interior Detailer cleans away dust and grime without leaving a sticky residue and prevents future dust buildup.

Interior Glass Cleaner with Anti-Fog

Interior Glass Cleaner leaves a streak-free shine on your windshield and helps prevent fogging and future dust build up.
Now that winter’s over, the sun is shining brighter, reflecting off all the dirt and dust that’s accumulated on your windshield over the past few months. TechCare Interior Glass Cleaner keeps your windshield clean and clear of any unsightly dirt, dust and other buildup. This specialized formula prevents streaking and fogging due to temperature changes. Perfect for use as the seasons change.

Carpet Cleaner with SpotTech:

Carpet Cleaner with SpotTech quickly and easily removes stains from your automotive carpet, and helps prevent future stains.
Don’t let spots and stains completely ruin your vehicle’s carpet. TechCare Carpet Cleaner removes both organic and inorganic stains from your vehicle’s carpet, and its unique formula is safe to use on almost all automotive carpets and cloth interiors. It also protects your vehicle’s carpet from future stains and spots and cleans up easily with no unsightly water rings.

FloorLiner and FloorMat Cleaner/Protector - KIT

TechCare Carpet Cleaner with SpotTech
Last, but certainly not least! This kit is an absolute must-have for anyone who owns WeatherTech FloorLiners or Floor Mats. The Cleaner is specially formulated to remove the toughest stains, caked-on dirt and all kinds of grime, all without causing any damage to the finish. Once they’ve been thoroughly cleaned, follow up with the Protector to establish a strong, durable protective coating that will help guard against scuff marks, stains, dirt and all other kinds of wear and tear. Check out our recent in-depth guide, WeatherTech FloorLiner Detailing 101, and see how to quickly use the FloorLiner and Floor Mat Cleaner/Protector Kit to keep your WeatherTech mats looking like new!