Top 5 Products for Rideshare Drivers

Sharing your ride with others can leave your vehicle somewhat worse for wear. With a multitude of people frequently entering and exiting your vehicle, they can leave behind dirt, mud, water, road salt, not to mention spilled drinks and left-behind trash. Sheesh, some people! Thankfully, you can be prepared for the worst; not just from the weather either. WeatherTech’s line of interior protection will keep your ride looking divine no matter what weather you’re driving in, or what kinds of customers you’re picking up!

WeatherTech FloorLiners:

WeatherTech FloorLiners provide absolute interior protection to your vehicle's foot wells.
Vehicle carpet is no fun to clean, and the carpet in your vehicle’s foot wells can get just downright nasty. Absorbing all the dirt, water and muck from your customer’s footwear will leave it stained and unsightly. So just make sure that those messes never even reach your vehicle’s carpet with a set of first and second row WeatherTech FloorLiners. Guaranteed to keep your vehicle’s foot wells free from all kinds of weather and passenger related messes.

Seat Protectors

Seat Protectors provide water and stain resistant protection to your vehicle's seats.
Your vehicle’s floors aren’t the only thing that can end up taking a beating from a constant stream of passengers. Your vehicle’s seats can wind up sticky and stained from tracked dirt and spilled drinks or food. Give your vehicle’s seat its own set of armor with a WeatherTech Seat Protector. The Seat Protector prevents scratches, spills, stains and more from damaging and ruining your vehicle’s seats. Featuring a water-repellant finish to combat against spills, the Seat Protector’s nylon lining will help keep your seats pristine against wear, tear and all kinds of damage.

Cargo/Trunk Liner:

Cargo/Trunk Liners keep spills, dirt and grease contained and not all over your vehicle's interior.
Ferrying travelers and their luggage to an airport? Do your passengers frequently use your trunk or cargo area? Groceries, luggage and other cargo can slip and slide all over your trunk leaving both the cargo and your vehicle dented, dinged and damage. Not to mention any spills can leave behind unsightly stains or offensive odor in your cargo area. Provide some extra security for your cargo area with a WeatherTech Cargo/Trunk Liner. Laser measured and custom fit for your specific vehicle, it features a raised outer lip that catches and contains any spills or liquids and its skid-resistant surface helps keep cargo in one place and not shifting all over the place.

TechCare Interior Detailer

TechCare Interior Detailer easily cleans vehicle interior surfaces, and it's mild formula makes it safe to use on virtually all plastic, vinyl, painted metal, chrome and fabrics.
Having a tidy and clean vehicle sends a strong statement and provides your passengers with an excellent first impression. A clean vehicle will make passengers feel more confident in you as a driver and service provider. The TechCare Interior Detailer was meticulously engineered to easily clean dust, dirt and grime off of all your vehicle’s interior surfaces. Its neutral pH level makes Interior Detailer safe to use on all plastic, vinyl, painted metal, chrome and fabrics, and it won’t leave behind a sticky residue.

TechCare® Carpet Cleaner with SpotTech

TechCare Carpet Cleaner with SpotTech
After you’ve cleaned the interior surfaces of your vehicle, make sure to look down. How’s that carpet looking? If you haven’t had WeatherTech FloorLiners installed for the entire life of your vehicle, chances are it’s in need of a good cleaning. TechCare Carpet Cleaner with SpotTech helps remove organic and inorganic stains from virtually all automotive carpets and cloth interiors. TechCare Carpet Cleaner also fights odors from stains and spills, and helps to repel future spots and stains from ruining your vehicle’s carpet!