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The Ultimate Bumper Guard and Protector for Your Vehicle: BumpStep

The WeatherTech BumpStep provides the rear bumper of your truck or SUV with maximum protection against dents, dings, scratches and even rear end accidents. Available in 4 unique varieties, BumpSteps are designed to fit any vehicle with a 2" receiver hitch. Every BumpStep also serves as an actual step, providing easy access to a roof rack, bike rack or just to wash the roof of your vehicle. Guard your bumper with the BumpStep that’s right for you; keep reading for more information on each one.

Bumper Protector 1: BumpStep

WeatherTech BumpStep rear bumper protector installed on a vehicle.

The original BumpStep is injection molded from a proprietary resin that is incredibly strong yet flexible, allowing it to take the brunt of any impact. Measuring 12" wide, the original BumpStep protects your bumper from any mistakes other motorists might make and any small accidents caused by backing up. The step safely supports up to 300 lbs. and provides anyone with easy access to any cargo they might have on the roof of their vehicle.

We also offer BumpStep USA! WeatherTech created this American-themed BumpStep to show our commitment to American manufacturing and our support for the American workforce! Show your American pride and keep your bumper protected from whatever the road throws its way!

Bumper Protector 2: BumpStepXL

Woman standing on WeatherTech BumpStep XL rear bumper protector.

The BumpStepXL maximizes the protection you’d receive from a regular BumpStep. Measuring 24" across, BumpStepXL not only provides a larger area of protection but also features more strength and impact resistance. Molded using two proprietary resins, the base of the BumpStepXL is a stronger material that resists flexing and the outer layer is a softer material designed to absorb impacts. These two materials work together to give your rear bumper a nearly unrivaled level of protection. Just like its smaller brother, BumpStep XL supports up to 300 lbs., giving you easy access to the roof of your vehicle.

Bumper Protector 3: Billet BumpStep

WeatherTech Billet BumpStep rear bumper protector installed on a Jeep SUV.

Handmade from solid billet aluminum, the Billet BumpStep is machined in two separate pieces for a stylish look and enhanced features that you won’t find on the standard BumpStep. Corrosion and scratch resistant, Billet BumpStep measures 12" wide and protects your vehicle’s bumper from, well just about anything the road can throw your way. This bad boy shrugs off dings, dents, back-up mishaps and even small accidents from other drivers. Just like the standard BumpStep, the billet version gives you a convenience step to safely and easily load and unload anything from your vehicle’s roof. But don’t worry about any weight limits with the Billet BumpStep, since it has a higher weight rating than your hitch!

Bumper Protector 4: Billet BumpStepXL

WeatherTech Billet BumpStepXL bumper protector installed on a Jeep SUV.

The Billet BumpStepXL measures a whopping 24" wide and gives your bumper the highest level of protection available! Each and every Billet BumpStep XL is made by hand from WeatherTech’s expert machinists. Collision webs are engineered into the bottom of each step to maximize its durability, while maintaining a reasonable weight. Both the step and the heavy-duty aluminum post are corrosion and scratch resistant and fit together seamlessly, all while sitting securely in any 2" standard hitch.

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