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The Next Generation of WeatherTech Automotive Floor Liner Protection

A Brief History Lesson of WeatherTech Floor Liners:

In 1989, WeatherTech Founder & CEO David MacNeil set out to reinvent the world of automotive floor protection with the introduction of our All-Weather Mats, paving the road for the genesis of the WeatherTech brand. Eighteen years later, he once again embarked on a project to make an already incredible product even better with the introduction of the legendary, laser-measured FloorLiner™ that we all know today. Today, after worldwide success and embrace of the FloorLiner product, we are excited to be launching the next generation in vehicle protection: the FloorLiner™ HP

Black WeatherTech FloorLiner HP covering the driver’s side footwell of a vehicle.

What’s the Difference Between Floor Liners?

You’re probably wondering what ‘HP’ stands for, as well as what the differences are from our iconic WeatherTech FloorLiners. HP stands for ‘High Performance’ and it is digitally measured for a perfect fit like its predecessor, however, this is an entirely new experience. Our FloorLiner™ HP includes unique anti-skid nibs that are molded into the bottom of the surface, enhancing the grip between the product and the carpet floor of your vehicle for added safety. It is also built with a beveled edge that prevents the walls from curling, as well as retention clasps that provide a watertight seal, so you’ll never have to worry even under the most extreme weather conditions.

The underside of a WeatherTech FloorLiner HP showing the textured nibs.

Innovation for the Future

Here at WeatherTech, we are always looking towards the future and how we as a brand are able to make a difference. By continuing our vision and innovation of American made products that are sourced from American made materials and produced by the hands of American workers, we are able to bring our ideas to life while remaining committed to environmental sustainability. And so, after 30 years of research, evolution, and dedication to the overall protection of your investments, our FloorLiner HP is the next step in our boundless pursuit of providing the best safeguard for the vehicle you rely on most.

Grey WeatherTech FloorLiner HP covered in muddy water, autumn leaves and a muddy boot.