TechLiner vs. UnderLiner: Which is right for you?

The WeatherTech TechLiner and UnderLiner are designed to protect your vehicle in different ways. Recognizing the features and benefits of both will make it easy to choose which truck bed liner is best for you. 

WeatherTech TechLiner®

WeatherTech TechLiner for Ford Super Duty.
TechLiner is a custom fit pickup truck bed and tailgate liner that protects and shields the truck bed against scratches, dents, paint damage and rust. The TechLiner is secured using Velcro adhesive discs and requires absolutely no drilling upon install. TechLiner is designed to protect your truck bed from the elements and will not crack, break or warp even under extreme weather conditions.
WeatherTech TechLiner up close image of detail
WeatherTech TechLiner is the easiest to install, custom-fit solution for protecting and preserving pick-up truck beds. TechLiner armors your investment against scratches, dents and paint damage by seamlessly lining the truck bed and tailgate. The liner’s "soft touch" material helps prevent cargo from shifting yet provides easy loading and unloading.
Pick Up truck on a ranch with a drill, plywood, toolbox, and ladder on top of the WeatherTech TechLiner
Made from a 100% recyclable and odorless thermoplastic elastomer; TechLiner is durable, flexible and UV resistant. Custom-fit for each application, the liner securely fits the exact contours of the truck bed.  

WeatherTech UnderLiner®

WeatherTech UnderLiner inside a truck bed
UnderLiners are designed exclusively as a protective layer between your truck bed and an additional rigid bed liner. The UnderLiner adds a .065" thick semi-soft protective barrier between the rigid drop in bed liner and the painted surface of your truck bed.
WeatherTech UnderLiner installed in a truck bed
The UnderLiner is the perfect way to protect the bed of your truck from the ravages of the rigid bed liner rubbing against the painted surface. If you decide to purchase an UnderLiner instead of a TechLiner, remember not to use it without installing an additional rigid bed liner to secure it in place.