Ready-to-Wash Bucket Breakdown 

 Man washing car with the WeatherTech ready to wash system.          
Washing your car is an essential for summer. You can extend the life of your vehicle significantly by engaging in regular care and maintenance. When washing your car you get to know more about your car’s needs—the unnoticed marks or dents, scratches, tire pressure, and much more.  
It is beneficial to wash your car or truck in a space where you are out of the sun. Do not wash your car after long exposures to sunlight due to parking, or immediately after a long drive. Heat dries up car shampoo and water fast which increases the chance of deposits forming on your car exterior. 
Keep your car turning heads as you hit the road with a fresh scrubdown. Here are some products that will aid in washing your car like a pro!
Ready-to-Wash Bucket System 
 Weathertech Ready to Wash Bucket          
A good car-washing bucket should be first on your list when you’re ready to wash your car. Use the Ready-to-Wash Bucket System by WeatherTech as that all-in-one system that includes the essential tools that assist in providing your vehicle with a professional clean. The system includes a bucket, Roll & Wash dolly, a vented lid seat, an insert to prevent debris from making its way to vehicle surfaces and a wash mitt holder.
Ready-to-Wash Bucket System Features:
  • Heavy duty 5 gallon bucket
  • MittSaver- Wash mitt holder that fastens to the edge of the bucket to secure the Wash Mitt or other towels and applicators when not in use. 
  • GritGrate- Removable insert that allows dirt, stones and other debris to drop to the bottom of the bucket for a cleaner washing process. GritGrate can be used with wash mitts, rags or brushes. 
  • Vented lid seat- Securely rests on the top rim of the bucket and is designed to flex with pressure, allowing for a comfortable resting spot while washing wheels, lower body etc. 
  • Sturdy rolling dolly- Features five easy roll casters to allow bucket to roll while sitting or pushing across the driveway. To prevent the system from rolling away and tipping, two casters feature locking mechanisms and its lowered center of gravity keeps the bucket fully grounded, especially on unleveled surfaces. 

Ready-to-Wash "Just Add Water" Complete Set
 WeatherTech Ready to wash system on a driveway.          
If you’re looking for a complete car washing package that includes shampoo and added tools, then The Ready-to-Wash "Just Add Water" Complete set by WeatherTech will help you out this summer! This set features a hand-picked collection of the finest automotive exterior care products and accessories offered by WeatherTech.
Set Includes:
  • Ready-to-Wash Bucket System
  • TechCare Gentle Car Shampoo- Gentle, surface-safe vehicle cleaning formula.
  • WaterBlade- Non-scratch silicone squeegee for safe water removal.
  • Soaker- Reusable drying chamois towel that effectively dries your vehicle without leaving streaks or lint behind. 
  • Wash Mitt- Easily lifts and traps grime.
Did we mention that WeatherTech has a whole line of cleaning products for your vehicle? The TechCare line offers multiple cleaning products like interior and exterior cleaning and protectant essentials for your vehicle. It’s the cleaning essentials needed for your basic vehicle detailing. WeatherTech also offers TechCare Tire and Wheel Kits along with a few wax options for a more thorough detailing. We also offer soft and extremely durable cleaning cloths and applicators preferred by car care enthusiasts.
You’re all set to wash your car at home like a pro!