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Official Guide to Addressing Any Car Messes with TechCare

Let’s face it: driving every day comes with its fair share of messes. Have you ever looked into your car's cup holders and seen enough crumbs to create a snack? Is there evidence from last weekend’s soccer practice in your back seat and on the floor? Mystery stain on the carpet that could turn into a fun game of "guess what?"

If you’re familiar with WeatherTech products (hey, you are on our blog after all), you know that we design and manufacture products right here in the USA that make people’s lives easier. You may know us for our laser-measured FloorLiner or super-cool CupFone, but there’s a product line you might not be familiar with yet: TechCare for cleaning and detailing!

On today’s blog we’re addressing five we’ve all #beenthere situations as vehicle owners, and the perfect solution for fixing them.

1. Friend’s Soda Explodes the Moment It’s Opened

Seriously? Did ya have to shake that thing beforehand? For this mess, we recommend our TechCare FloorLiner and FloorMat Cleaner/Protector Kit. It comes with a cleaner that will cut through even the stickiest of spills, and the protector has you covered if this ever happens again.

floor mat cleaner and towel  

2. Kid Slaps the Window Post-Ice Cream Cone

Maybe they saw a cute dog? Either way, you’re going to need TechCare Interior Glass Cleaner with Anti-Fog. It eliminates smudges, keeps the glass clear, and as a bonus, prevents windows from streaking and fogging even in the harshest of temps.

3. Leather Seats Are Cracking Like the Sahara

No worries, we have just the thing to get them looking like new. Our Leather Conditioner with Aloe Vera polishes your seats and contains Aloe Vera and other moisturizers that help leather and vinyl look its very best.

spraying leather conditioner on seat

4. You Want to Give the Family a Weekend Chore

Wanting to put them to work this summer? Click "add to cart" on one of our Ready-to-Wash Bucket Sets. They’re the perfect cleaning solution for those quick wash, rinse and drying jobs. Just add water, the set has everything you need.

5. You’ve Got Water-Spots Galore

Did your Sunday best get caught in a storm? Try our Carnauba Gel Wax. It provides a protective, high gloss finish for paint, chrome and fiberglass surfaces. The unique formula’s finish protects and seals your car, no matter the weather.

wiping carnauba gel wax into vehicle paint

Any of these situations ring a bell? Did you see anything you like? There’s so much more interior, exterior, detailing and accessories from TechCare on our website. Give it a looksy and get cleaning today!


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