More Than One Way to Use a CupFone®

The WeatherTech CupFone is an absolute must-have for any vehicle owner. It makes navigating a breeze and simplifies hands-free voice commands and telephone calls. However, the CupFone’s interchangeable base cups were designed not only to fit your primary, every day driving vehicle but to also work with just about every kind of cup holder out there. Here’s some different ways you can use your CupFone outside of your normal daily commute.
WeatherTech CupFone in the front cup holder of a UTV.
  • On and Off Road: CupFone works great with your favorite navigation apps not only on the road, but off-road as well! Never miss a trail or path with your UTV!
  • Keep on Strolling: Use your CupFone as a handy way to navigate when pushing your little ones in their stroller, or use it in the front cup holder while playing their favorite video.
  • RV There Yet?: CupFone is sure to make you a happy camper when you’re on the road, keeping your phone secure and accessible when navigating those long highways!
WeatherTech CupFone in the cup holder of a ski boat.
  • Shore Stuff: Always be sure where you're heading when navigating a boat on the open water; or keep your favorite weather and fishing apps handy.
  • Back-Seat Drivers: Keep your younger back-seat guests occupied with their favorite video, mobile game or app while at the same time keeping your phone securely in place.
  • High Dining Entertainment: Use your CupFone and mobile device in the cup holders of a high-chair to provide some first class entertainment during meals.
WeatherTech CupFone in the cup holder of a ski boat.
  • Cart on Through: Keep your mobile phone easily accessible out on the golf course to keep score or to navigate your way around, both on or off the course.
  • Recline and Unwind: Always know where your phone is after a busy day when you secure it to the cup holder of your favorite recliner and/or sofa with a CupFone®.
  • Place a Winning Bet: Use your CupFone with your mobile device at the poker or game table to quickly and easily keep track of the game.
  • Give Your Bike a Hand: Use your CupFone in your handlebar cup holders to keep your phone secure and give yourself a leg up on navigating busy city streets with your bicycle or wide open country roads with your motorcycle.

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