Fuel Up with FuelGlove

A gas pump is one of the dirtiest things you touch in a day. According to a study by Kimberly-Clark, on average, gas pumps can have 11,000 times more bacteria than the common household toilet seat. It is gross to think about, but it is a reality vehicle owners must face. Aside from germs, chemicals from gasoline fuel are not ideal for contact with bare skin.
Sure, you can apply hand sanitizer after filling up your tank, but wouldn’t you prefer not to touch the gas pump at all? You never have to touch the gas pump or keypad with your bare hand again with the WeatherTech FuelGlove! 

What Is the WeatherTech FuelGlove? 

The WeatherTech FuelGlove is essential for any vehicle owner. When you have to fill up your tank, quickly grab your Fuel Gloves and give yourself a protective barrier between you and the pump. The FastFit® style of the glove features a slip-on open cuff that allows users to literally slip the glove on before pumping their fuel and off once their tank is filled up. The textured Armortex Grip displaces any liquids on the fuel pump handle, enhancing gripping power on wet or oily surfaces. 
FuelGlove is machine washable and available in a variety of sizes. 

Benefits of the WeatherTech FuelGlove 

Here are some of the uses and benefits of FuelGlove:
FuelGlove is a durable, reusable, smarter alternative to disposable gloves or bare hands at the pump
FuelGlove has a cooling feature in hotter weather with form-fitting TrekDry® material 
Functionality at the pump: 
FuelGlove features a slip-on open cuff that allows the glove to be quickly put on and removed
Textured Armortex® gives extra gripping power in dry, oily and wet conditions
Machine washable
Available in a variety of men’s and women’s sizes

Others Precautions You Can Take at the Fuel Pump

Other precautions you can take at the pump the next time you fill up your gas tank:
Apply hand sanitizer after using the outdoor keypad and after pumping gas
Be mindful and limit the number of surfaces you touch
Remove any glove before touching your steering wheel when reentering your vehicle