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Floor Mats vs. Floor Liners: Which One Fits for Your Vehicle?


comparison chart of floor liners


Here at WeatherTech, we know if you love your ride, you can’t stand the thought of a messy interior. Trust us, we understand; it’s why the entire WeatherTech team spends countless hours crafting top-quality products made to help keep your interior looking as clean as the day you drove it off the lot. Our WeatherTech Floor Liners, Floor Liner HPs and All-Weather Mats all provide protection made for your vehicle, but are all unique. So, which do you choose? Well, keep reading to find the product that’s right for you.

FloorLiner HP Key Features:

  1. Digitally laser measured to fit your vehicle's make and model.
  2. Raised outer edge protects the bottom, front, back and sides of your vehicle's footwell.
  3. The advanced rubber-like Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) compound is flexible, durable and won't break down in extreme weather.
  4. Advanced surface designs carry away fluids and dirt, trapping them in the lower reservoir.
  5. Quick and simple to clean. 
WeatherTech FloorLiner HP protects the bottom, front, back and sides of your footwell!

Starting Price: $64.95

Look no further for the next generation of high-performance floor protection. If you want the total protection offered by FloorLiner with a little something extra, FloorLiner HP is perfect. Designed using a new, safe, advanced rubber-like compound improves the durability and sustainability of the original FloorLiner with greater flexibility. FloorLiner HP is perfect for those looking for the next level of interior protection.

Floor Liner Key Features:

  1. Laser measured and custom fit to your vehicle’s make and model.
  2. Raised outer edge protects front, back and sides of your vehicle’s footwell so messes stay on the liner and off your carpet!
  3. FloorLiners are made with strong, durable high-density material that won’t break down in extreme weather.
  4. Easy to clean and maintain.
  5. Specially designed retention systems will keep your FloorLiners in place.
WeatherTech FloorLiners offer absolute interior protection!

Starting Price: $64.95

Floor Liner has set the standard for vehicular floor protection. Our iconic product continues to provide the absolute protection you need, made for your vehicle’s make and model. Each Floor Liner is laser measured for your vehicle so you always get the protection you need for your ride. Made using durable, long-lasting materials, these mats can withstand frigid winters and sweltering summers and still protect the quality and value of your car from wear and tear.

All-Weather Mat Key Features:

  1. Deeply sculpted channels trap water, salt, mud, snow and sand.
  2. 100% recyclable material!
  3. Anti-skid texturing lines the underside of the mat, keeping the mat from moving while you're driving.
  4. Non-stick finish makes cleanup quick and easy.
  5. Quick and simple to clean. 
WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats were created to provide superior protection for your vehicle's floor.

Starting Price: $34.95

The most flexible of all of our floor mats, All-Weather Mats manage to be just as durable as our more rigid mats. This limber, latex-free mat also features deeply sculpted channels that trap everything from water to road salt and keeps them away from your shoes. All-Weather Mat is made for those looking for floor protection that is affordable, flexible and reliable.   

Trim-to-Fit Floor Mat Key Features:

  1. A semi-universal mat can be easily trimmed down to fit your ride the way you want. 
  2. Made with the same high-quality durable materials as the FloorLiner.
  3. The first universal style floor mat with designs for the both for driver and passenger. 
  4. Maintains its flexibility in icy temperatures. 
  5. Just as easy to clean as Floor Mat.
trim-to-fit mat in grey

Starting Price: $49.95

From the top-quality durability of FloorLiner, we move on to the unmatched versatility of the Trim-to-Fit Floor Mat. This mat is perfect for those who want universal floor protection that they can customize the way they want and need for their ride. Trim-to-Fit Floor Mat isn’t just for the front seat either. This mat is also available in one- and two-piece options for the backseat as well. Trim-to-Fit Floor Mats offer the perfect mix of affordability, dependability and practicality.


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