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Dog-Friendly WeatherTech Products

You tell him time and again to wipe his paws before coming into the house or entering your car, and yet he never listens! Thank goodness for easy to clean dog-friendly products from WeatherTech! The designers behind WeatherTech products take into consideration all of the members of your family- even the four legged ones. Both for your home and for your car, WeatherTech offers an array of products for your pooch.

Dog resting paws on WeatherTech IndoorMat.

IndoorMat is developed from the same digital technology that WeatherTech is known for and made from a 100% recyclable resin. It is designed to fit the needs of any entrance and keep dirt and fluids retained. Muddy paws don’t stand a chance.

The BootTray is a savvy solution to protect your floors from the toughest elements featuring channels that keep messes away. A perfect place to let wet leashes dry from your morning walk. 

Indoor mat with pet leash.

When the inevitable happens and it is time to give Fido his bath, the Soaker can be used to quickly dry him off! The Soaker is a reusable drying towel that effectively soaks up water faster, and holds up to 50% more than a regular towel.

WeatherTech Soaker in use.

Any pet owner knows if Fido has claim over the back seat, the seat can take a beating. Dirt, drool and fur can quickly take over. The Seat Protector is a water-repellent seat cover that protects against scratches and damage that can potentially ruin the surface area of your vehicles' seat. This offers a great solution to protect the life of your interior, as do our custom-fit FloorLiners

Van with FloorLiners installed containing messes and dog toys.

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