Design of a Modern Dog Bowl

Just over 160 years ago, dog owners were still feeding their furry friends scraps from the table. It wasn’t until 1860 that modern technology created the first commercially available dog biscuit. Our understanding of animal science and nutrition has continued to evolve throughout the 20th century, and veterinarians have since placed great scrutiny on what goes in our pets’ food.

While much research has gone into improving the quality and safety of what our pets eat, research into how our pets eat is just now catching up.

With pet health and safety in mind, WeatherTech has conducted extensive research with top veterinarians and animal scientists to develop the innovative design of our Pet Feeding System. The high-quality bowl and stand combo features numerous benefits that make mealtime safe, healthy and easy.

dog eating out of double high feeding system

Customized Elevated Design

One of the most important aspects of the design of the WeatherTech Pet Feeding System is its customized sizing options. The question of whether an elevated feeder is beneficial for all dogs and breeds is highly debated among animal scientists and veterinarians alike. The commonly accepted conclusion is that it depends upon each individual pet’s specific needs. If your dog is healthy, feeding with a standard, low-profile dog bowl is completely acceptable. Dogs have evolved to eat off the ground, so eating from a floor-level pet bowl is perfectly natural for them. However, if your dog has certain health issues or behavioral concerns, an elevated pet feeder may be highly beneficial for them and help aide in their feeding time.

Elevated dog bowls can aide with common health issues such as: 

Joint stress. Many dogs afflicted with osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or other joint conditions find discomfort when bending over to eat due to pain or soreness in the muscles and joints. This is an especially common problem in older dogs. An elevated dog bowl alleviates some of this pain and stress by bringing the bowl closer to their natural standing position and promotes better posture for your pup.

Digestion issues. Another common issue that veterinarians come across is problems stemming from poor digestion. The source of these problems often lies with the angle at which they are eating and the effect it has on their eating habits. If a dog is uncomfortable when eating from a low level, they may find themselves rushing through mealtime, causing indigestion. Similarly, some larger dogs have a tendency to lie down to eat, also causing digestion problems. One way to effectively correct many of these digestive issues is by raising the pet’s head above their stomach while they eat (preferably with the best elevated dog bowl around!).

Behavioral issues. When dogs eat from the floor, their head is facing down towards their feet, making some dogs feel vulnerable when eating because they cannot see anyone that may be approaching. This can lead to behavior problems such as aggression when other people or pets come near their food bowl. Raising the bowl can help them view their surroundings and mitigate aggressive tendencies.


Ergonomic Bowl Design

Working with animal scientists, WeatherTech assessed the most comfortable shape for a pet’s feeding experience and health. The elongated, tear-drop shaped bowl is designed around your pet’s snout and provides a natural, strain-free access to their food and water. With a standard deep-dish bowl, pets tend to eat quickly as the quick motions help them grasp the food, which often causes problems such as indigestion and bloating. Our more natural angled bowl design allows your pet to take their time eating and enjoy mealtime, all while reducing strain, bloating and potential messes, making for a cleaner, healthier eating environment for your pet.

benefits and specifications of bowls

Designed to Eliminate Mess and Clean Easily

The sloped surfaces of the bowl and stand and the pitched design of the mat work together with the outer lip barrier to direct food and water onto the mat and off of the floor. The stand and mat lock into place when in use so the stand won’t move, shift or tumble over during mealtime, causing unwanted messes. Also, all three pieces of the Pet Feeding System are 100% dishwasher safe.

highlights of bowls

Designed With Pet Health in Mind

All of the materials used in the Pet Feeding System’s design were carefully chosen with the health and safety of your pet in mind. The stainless-steel pet bowls are free from lead, mercury, cadmium, radiation and other toxins. WeatherTech understands the dangers these pose to our pet’s health. Our high-quality, food-grade 304 stainless-steel bowl is 100% non-toxic and NSF Certified, making it safe for even human food! The plastics used in creating the stand and mat are FDA-approved, featuring both antifungal and antimicrobial additives to provide a safe and germ-resistant eating environment for your pet.

Every aspect of WeatherTech’s Pet Feeding System contributes to its status as a standard-setter for the modern dog bowl, from its ergonomic, mess-containing design to its premium, high-quality materials.

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