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Accessorize your coupe or sedan with WeatherTech’s must-have car accessories!

Whether you are an artist, a tech guru, a warehouse worker, or anything in between, we are all built a little differently, which is part of what makes us human. Along with what helps to make us all unique is the ability to be creative and add our own touch of custom personalization to the things we own, namely the vehicle(s) we choose to drive, as they are all vastly different from one another. At WeatherTech, we get that, and more importantly, we respect your craving for individuality. That’s what drives us.

When it comes to accessorizing your ride, we offer a variety of car accessories to help your coupe or sedan stand out from the rest.

2021 Must Have Car Accessories #1: Laser-Measured FloorLiners

Kicking off the list of best car accessories for 2021 are laser measured FloorLiners, which accurately and completely line the interior carpet, protecting the front, back and sides of your vehicle's footwell, while carrying fluids and debris to a lower reservoir channel. This accessory design not only looks completely OEM but is also functional in helping to minimize fluid movement while driving, keeping it away from shoes and clothing.

Floorliner with water on it

2021 Must-Have Car Accessories #2: Seat Back Protectors

Seat Back Protectors are available in four different colors to match you and your vehicle’s personality, they are made from a strong polycotton, twill fabric making them the ideal first line of defense against ingrained dirt, snow, scuff marks or whatever else the kiddos can get their feet into. Adding to the customized look, each protector includes two mesh pockets with an elastic top and two reinforced water-resistant pockets, great for packing away snacks, toys or games.

Child kicking seat back protector

2021 Must-Have Car Accessories #3: Side Window Deflectors

For those looking to have their ride turning heads while also serving as a functional piece to keep airflow moving in the cabin, we’ve put both into consideration with our Side Window Deflectors. Crafted from the finest 3mm acrylic material, they are in-window-channel, rain and debris guards that allow fresh air to enter and leave the vehicle in harsh climates, while also reducing wind noise. Their dark smoke color provides an OEM look that accentuates and complements the appearance and sharpness of your vehicle.

Car with side windwo deflectors

2021 Must-Have Car Accessories #4: ScratchProtection

Rounding out the best car accessories of 2021 is Scratch-Protection. We’ve all been in a situation where someone parks too close to you, or your ring rubs against the paint of your vehicle behind the door handle when you go to open it. Scratch-Protection is made out of a virtually invisible film that is custom manufactured to perfectly fit your exact make and model! It protects your door sills, door handle cups, door edges and trunk ledges from scratches, scuffs and chips caused by rocks, keys, footwear or even just loading and unloading different cargo. You chose the color on your car for a reason; don’t let every day wear and tear deteriorate it.

Car door rubbing against brick wall



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