Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Dog eating grass.

As a dog owner, you probably feed your dog the best of the best when it comes to meals and treats. However, every now and then you’ll find him or her in the backyard chomping on a fresh patch of grass, and you think to yourself, "But, why?" Rest assured you are not alone in this concern as there are a variety of reasons your dog might be grazing on the lawn.

Instinctive Behavior

A common thought as to why dogs eat grass is because they have an upset stomach. Dogs will then eat the grass to make themselves vomit to feel better. This instinctive behavior is potentially stemmed from a need to "graze" versus them turning to grass as a form of self-medication. This could be from an anxious behavior or simply from boredom. Some vets have suggested that they just enjoy the taste and the texture of the grass.

Safe to eat

Grass is safe for your dogs to consume, but it is important to always monitor their eating habits. Be cautious if they are eating too much as these plants can potentially cause a blockage in their system. Also, it is important to be aware that there aren’t any parasites, pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals on the lawn as that can be extremely toxic if ingested. Something else to consider are the types of plants that are safe and unsafe for pets to consume. You can find that list of poisonous outdoor plants on our previous blog Creating a Dog Friendly Backyard.

Should I stop them?

Overall, grass is not bad for our dogs, but it is probably not the best snack for them to eat. If their grass eating habits become more regular, you may want to consult with your vet.  He or she might have a nutritional deficiency that is causing their stomach to be upset, and your vet can help you find the best food options to fulfill that need.