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Keep Your Dog from Causing Chaos in Your Car’s Front Seat

Don’t get stuck in the doghouse. Pet Partition helps keep both you and your dog safe while driving.

If you have ever had a pet as a member of your family, you know how important it is to pet-proof your home. But what about pet-proofing your car? It is widely known that some pets, dogs in particular, enjoy sticking their head out the window to enjoy the infinite number of new and interesting smells zipping by. Some pets want nothing more than to join their parent(s) in the front seat as their copilot. No matter the scenario, WeatherTech has you and your pet covered with the Pet Partition – a mesh dog barrier for your car, truck or SUV. Our latest pet accessory will have your furry family member bragging to the neighborhood about how "pawsome" you are.

Pet Partition installed in an SUV, with a dog secured in the back-seat. This mesh dog barrier is perfect for cars, trucks or SUVs.

The Dog Car Barrier That Makes Traveling Easy

The WeatherTech Pet Partition – universal-fit for cars, trucks and SUVs – provides an easy and safe way to keep both you and your dog safe while driving, helping to keep them in your vehicle’s back seat area. Made in the USA, the seatback mesh barrier installs easily using adjustable straps and clips that anchor to the headrests of your front seats, providing clear visibility for your backseat driver. The mesh construction also includes handy storage pockets that allow you to quickly store your dog’s leash, treats, toys, waste bags and more, all from the comfort of your own vehicle. Cleanup is also a breeze, only a mild soap solution and air drying is necessary to have it looking and smelling like new!

Pet Partition being installed in a Honda SUV. Adjustable straps and heavy duty clips make installation a breeze.

The Perfect Pet Accessory for Your Vehicle

Whether you are training your dog to refrain from jumping in the front seat, needing more space to store their every day supplies while on-the-go, or simply wanting to provide a more comfortable and secure ride for your dog while traveling in the car, the WeatherTech Pet Partition is the perfect pet accessory solution.

Mesh dog car barrier with frisbee