How to Prepare for a New Puppy

There is much to consider when deciding if you and your family are ready for a puppy. The first thing you have to think through is the amount of responsibility that is required to introduce a new puppy into your family. Then, the next consideration is what size and/or breed would make a good addition. If you need help deciding what dog breed is right for you, read this. If you are considering a shelter dog, then here is a helpful article for you. Now, let’s get started and get you prepared for your new puppy! Here are some essential basics that will ensure your home and your vehicle are ready for your adorable dog.


You want to select dog bowls that are durable and will last the life of your dog. Consider the WeatherTech Pet Feeding System. Our feeding systems come in a variety of sizes and colors. We offer both elevated feeding systems and low feeding systems. The stainless steel bowls are Made in USA and certified safe by the NSF. The entire WeatherTech Pet Feeding System is also dishwasher safe, making it super easy to keep clean.
When selecting a dog food, many pet brands offer dog food specifically designed to meet puppy needs. Do your research to determine the best food to meet your dog’s nutritional requirements. 


Before bringing your puppy home, you will need to determine a space where you intend him to sleep. If you plan to crate train your puppy, then you will want to have a crate in the appropriate size set up before the puppy arrives.
Also, if you invest in a dog bed for your puppy, keep in mind that your puppy could be a chewer. That bed could become a pile of fluff in the very near future. Either invest in a bed that is known for its durability, or invest in a bed that you know you may have to replace in the coming months as your puppy learns the rules of the house.


Taking training classes with your puppy is a great way to get them on track for learning manners and potty training. In addition, a wealth of articles and videos online can help you with specific areas you desire to work on with your pup. Practice and consistency go a long way when establishing a training regimen. 


It is important to keep your puppy mentally stimulated. Otherwise, he may look for unhealthy ways to entertain himself. Dog toys are a great option. Whether your dog loves to run and fetch a ball, gnaw on a sturdy chew toy, or interact with a puzzle toy, these are all great options to keep your puppy busy. That means he will spend less time stealing your socks, chewing on your shoes, or grabbing your kids’ toys. Puppies are playful by nature. It is great to provide them with the toys that will keep them amused.


If you know you will be traveling with your new puppy, there are steps you can take to puppy proof your vehicle. Whether you are taking a quick trip to a vet appointment, or a longer road trip, WeatherTech has the products you need.
Cargo Liner – If you have an SUV and intend to keep your puppy in the back of your vehicle, the Cargo Liner keeps your cargo area clean. You don’t have to worry about muddy paws or dog fur getting all over the place. 
Pet Barrier – A great addition to the Cargo Liner in your SUV is the Pet Barrier. You don’t want your puppy hopping over seats while you are trying to drive. The Pet Barrier keeps him safely in the rear of your vehicle. 
Seat Protector – If your puppy is going to claim a seat in your car, the Seat Protector can keep him from getting dirt and drool on your seats. 
Pet Harness – The Pet Harness is a perfect complement to the Seat Protector. It uses your vehicle’s existing seat belts to keep your pet safe and secure on the road! Your puppy will stay safely and comfortably in his seat while you focus on driving.