Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

The holidays are quickly approaching, and as you scramble to find the perfect gifts for all your family members, don't forget about your furry four-legged family members. We have compiled a list of our best pet products to make sure your pet gets the best gift this holiday season. From comfort to safety, WeatherTech's Pet Products do it all!

Dogs eating out of double and single high pet feeding systems

Double & Single High Pet Feeding System

The WeatherTech Double & Single High Pet Feeding System includes a specially designed stand and mat, providing your pet with a more comfortable eating experience and making sure any spills or mealtime messes are kept off your floors. It includes two ergonomically designed bowls that ensure your pet won't strain its neck to get at every morsel of food or every drop of water. Designed, engineered and manufactured right here in America, the WeatherTech Pet Feeding System was created using only the safest and highest quality materials!

Cat and dog eating out of double and single low pet feeding systems

Double & Single Low Pet Feeding System

The WeatherTech Double & Single Low Pet Feeding System features a heavy-duty integrated stand and mat that works to catch and contain any mealtime messes or spills. Just like the Double & Single High Pet Feeding System, the Low System also features ergonomically designed bowls. The Double & Single Low Pet Feeding System easily fits into any room in your house and is perfect for bringing outside on your patio or on the go!

Dog laying on a back seat protector in a truck

Seat Protector

The WeatherTech Seat Protector is a water-repellent seat cover that protects against scratches, damage and spills that can potentially ruin the seat surface of your vehicle, making it the perfect vehicle accessory for family road trips or pet owners. Installation is quick and easy, and it’s easily removable for cleaning. The Seat Protector is machine washable, making it an easy add-on for any family.

Dog standing on door panel looking on the vehicle's window

Door Protector

The WeatherTech Door Protector is perfect for the back seat warriors as well as canine passengers that want to get some fresh air. The durable, coated fabric lets them stand and interact with your vehicle’s door panels without scratching up or slobbering all over them. The stain-resistant fabric is also fantastic for young children who may spill juice, dribble or create other messes while riding in the back seat.

Dog laying down in the back of an SUV with pet barrier installed

Pet Barrier

The WeatherTech Pet Barrier is essential for drivers who want to focus on the road, not on their furry friend bouncing around the vehicle. By keeping your pet contained in the back, the pet barrier protects the vehicle’s upholstery from hair, claw scratches and muddy paws. The Pet Barrier keeps pets comfortable, safe and secure and prevents pets from leaping over seats, endangering them and you as a driver. 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. No tools or drilling needed!

Dog walking down a pet ramp out of an SUV


The WeatherTech PetRamp was designed for the comfort of our furry friends and their handlers. The portable PetRamp features a non-slip surface, providing dogs, cats and pets of all sizes easy access to SUVs, minivans, trucks and hard to reach household spaces. The PetRamp is lightweight, only 16 lbs., and strong, designed to handle almost any domestic pet up to 300 lbs. It easily folds for storage and carrying, and it’s the only USA made pet ramp that we are aware of. Ultra-high, American-made quality...The WeatherTech way!

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